The title itself is a big giveaway that this indeed is a horror/suspense short film. The premise of the movie revolves around what transpires when two young female friends who board the last subway train back home. Written and directed by independent American filmmaker, Sion Griffiths, Last Train Home is based off an urban legend in primarily in Britain.

The film starts off with a girl and a couple hurrying up to board the last train back home. While on the train, as the couple is busy fooling around in an empty carriage, the other girl notices an old eerie-looking lady sitting right across her and next to her is a strange slender-looking man wearing a hoodie. As odd as it may seem, she ignores them at first but it just gets creepier. At the next stop, the couple gets off and the girl is all alone. The old lady is still staring at her with bloodshot eyes inevitably making the protagonist uncomfortable. Just when you think, something is about to go down, a fellow passenger interrupts the dead silence and asks the girl to get off the train. Bumped and confused, she refuses, thinking that he is a pervert trying to get fresh. But the passenger promises that he intends no harm to her and gives his wallet and identification card as an assurance as he rushes off the train. The girl follows the suit and alights the train. Everything seems confusing till this point but then comes the big reveal.Last Train Home - Bookmyshow
The film neither uses CGI extravagantly nor uses over-the-top prosthetics and make-up, which makes it even more compelling and thought-provoking. Sion makes excellent use of sound and ambience to intensify the tension. Though some of the dialogues may seem campy at first and could have been improved upon, this one is a really good watch.