Disasters arrive unannounced. But, for a change this week it’s at a theatre near you. Spearheaded by none other than the Oscar-winning actor, Nicholas Cage. Yes, you heard it right.

While watching the movie the first expression that will enter your mind is "Oh God, why?" Slowly, you will feel the cold darkness around you. No, you aren’t in hell but still in the theatre where the Exit seems faraway. Truly, you will be the one ‘Left Behind’.

Ironically, Vic Armstrong’s Left Behind is based on a Biblical prophecy. A reboot of a Kirk Cameron starter TV movie, Left Behind traces the lives of the few people who find themselves in a sudden Rapture.

The film fails miserably to capture the intensity and seriousness of the events. With clumsy acting and mostly sit and talk scenes, Left Behind is neither a disaster movie nor a thriller. The film develops in an utterly flat and bland manner. Nicholas Cage who plays the character of Rayford Steele, tries his best to charm us, but that fake wig doesn’t work out all. His marriage is falling apart and his daughter, Chloe is devastated. But, Steele’s real plan is to seduce a flirty blonde flight attendant (Nicky Whelan). But, wait there’s God! Suddenly people start disappearing and there is panic and chaos everywhere.

The entire film is quite vague. A lot of questions remain unanswered in Left Behind. Like, why did God choose that particular day to judge the planet? Was it because Steele was planning to have an gala time with the flight attendant at an U2 concert? Or was it because Chloe had a bitter conversation with her mother? All because of one family! Now, that’s not justified!

Besides the sappy and tedious story line, the film is crippled with cliches. The rest of the crew also didn’t turn in any memorable performances. Lea Thompson, Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson and Nicky Whelan were as dull as they can be.

Why should you watch the film?
If you are a fan of Nicholas Cage, you might give Left Behind a try. Otherwise, you can avoid this ‘disaster’ movie.

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