A couple of week ago, the reins of The Late Late Show were handed over to a Brit named James Corden. The show, which was hosted for almost a decade by the insightfully hilarious Craig Ferguson, has a huge fan following in America and around the world. So when they hired a relatively unknown guy to host the show after Ferguson, some amount of backlash from the fans was expected. Little did the Americans know that James Corden is a household name in the UK and has been in showbiz since he was 16. 

If you have been living under a rock as well, it’s time to witness the legend of the one and only, James Corden.

1. Corden rose to prominence with The History Boys, starring in the play and the film versions. He has also won numerous awards for his role in the hit comedy series, Gavin and Stacey. Since then, he has starred in numerous comedic as well as dramatic roles. More recently, he has appeared in Hollywood films like Into the Woods and Begin Again.

2. For all the good work he’s done, Corden isn’t afraid of accepting his career mishaps, especially with the film Lesbian Vampire Killers. He is humble and charismatic at the same time. This man, is awesome.

3. He made a splash on New York’s Broadway with his play One Man, Two Guvnors. He won a Tony Award for this performance.

4. He was also in two episodes of Doctor Who! What? Yes.

5. He also has mad dancing skills. Not even kidding.

6. At 36, he is the youngest late night TV show host. His first The Late Late Show episode featured Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis. Corden ditched the desk to sit close to his guests. During the show, Kunis confessed her marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

He also teamed up with Tom Hanks to recreate all of Hanks’ movies in less than 6 minutes!

This is just a sign of all the awesome things that we will get to witness from James Corden.

7. Corden has time and again shed his clothes to recreate famous pictures of stereotypical hunky models. Except for the fact Corden isn’t exactly “in shape”. There’s no denying that he is an inspiration to all of us who are conscious about our body weight.

8. If he isn’t busy mimicking David Beckham, he is busy shooting pseudo-underwear ads with him

9. He knows how social media works. Totally.

10. Despite the fact that he didn’t start as a stand-up comedian, the network has trusted him to host the show. He went to CBS with a script for a new show, and worked out something even better. Good on you, James. Good on you.

So fall prostrate before the next big thing in the world of comedy and late night TV . Here’s a man destined to do legendary things.

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