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Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce the Captain Planet Movie

Earth, fire, wind, heart…Go planet! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet.” If you remember this song, your childhood was awesome! 

The theme song is from the hit 1990s animated cartoon series – Captain Planet. This show was not like any other; this one came with a valuable message about how to conserve our precious environment. Sounds boring? Well, it was anything but that. In this show, five kids (the "planeteers") were each given a ring that represented the elements – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. With these rings they could fight the baddies who were responsible for polluting the planet. And when things went out of hand, they combine their powers to call upon Captain Planet to save the day. Go Captain Planet!
And you know what the good news is? This cartoon series is now going to be turned into a movie. Can you guess who is producing it? *Drum roll please* It’s none other than the Oscar-winning actor, who is also an environmentalist – Leonardo DiCaprio. The Revenant actor's production house, Appian Way Productions has teamed up with Paramount Pictures to recreate the magic. They are also in the process of roping in Jono Matt and the Scream Queens actor Glen Powell to write the screenplay for this film. We wonder who are they going to cast for the role of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Guess we would have to wait for things to get finalized to find out.
For now, watch the theme song to be a part of the excitement! And don’t blame us if this song gets stuck in your head.