Lessons from House of Cards: Why every man needs a Claire Underwood in his life.

“I love that woman. I love her more than sharks love blood”, says Frank Underwood about his gorgeous wife Claire. Most of us who grew up in the ’90s will remember Robin Wright as Forrest Gump’s love-interest, Jenny. But it is in Claire Underwood that she has found her career-defining role. It is amazing how Robin makes the character her own. You can’t, even for a second, tell the actor and the character apart. Her husband is now the most-powerful man in the world (on TV anyway), and there she is, the First Lady of America. Francis Underwood would be nowhere without his wife, as he rightly admits. In fact, every man in this world needs a Claire Underwood in his life. Here’s why:

Admired by many, feared by some

No one crosses Claire Underwood and survives. In this Shakespearean tale of revenge, she is the Lady Macbeth, who stands right by her husband and helps him destroy all those who wronged him. But she also has her own battles to fight. Something which she handles all by herself. When Claire leans over ever-so-slightly and says, “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me”, you better believe her.

She shares but she scares

From a cigarette to her life’s deepest secrets, Claire Underwood shares everything with her husband. But then, there are times when she scares the living bejesus out of him too. It is when she says, “No, I’m not going to ask for your blessing on every decision I make”, that you realize, she can easily distance herself from her power-hungry husband and yet survive all by herself. However, she is always there, watching his back and his health. In the true sense, she is the Robin (Wright) to Kevin Spacey’s Batman.

She gets knocked down, but she gets up again

Speaking of superheroes, Claire Underwood is the personification of the modern-day superwoman. Early on in her life, she was raped, and subjected to a lot of pain. But she bounced back, and how. This is what defines Claire. This is what her enigma is all about. Even after going through one of the worst experiences of her life, she stands tall and inspires the women around her. Every man deserves a woman like her. A woman, who does not let her fragility hold her back, and takes control of her own destiny.

When in doubt, she runs!

You don’t get the perfect figure by simply sitting at home and worrying about your husband’s political woes. Claire makes sure that she gets her daily workout by running – A LOT! If she looks smoldering in her minimalist gowns, she rocks her running gear equally well. Also, a lot of the other runners are jealous of her. Who wouldn’t be!

She is RICH!

Even before she married Francis Underwood, Claire Underwood was a woman of substance. Born into a wealthy family, she was always the star, the light of which rubbed off on Francis when he started his political campaign. Hailing from a wealthy background certainly helped her make the right contacts and helped the young Francis ascend the power ladder pretty fast. And then he got rich, and helped Claire maintain her status quo. It’s all about making appearances.

Claire Underwood will always go down in TV history as the one who redefined the definition of a powerful woman. She is everything a man desires and more! We can’t wait to see what wonders she will do as the the wife of the President of the United States in the seasons that follow.


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