Director Heather Jack’s film, Let’s Not Panic is set in a post apocalyptic scenario. The short film revolves around a 20-something girl, Sadie (Lyle Friedman) who is infatuated with her therapist Dr. Randan (John Anderson). She has anxiety issues, and often dreams of situations where her good-looking therapist rescues her from drug dealers and thief. 

When she talks about about her fantasy to her crush, but he brushes her off by citing ethical codes and how it is just not possible, not until there’s a ‘breakdown of societal norms’. Next morning a tragedy strikes the city and all she wants to do is get to her safe house – the therapist’s office. She takes her neighbor Lane (Doug Moe) along on a cross-New York run, stumbling upon adventures on her way. 

A smart take on romance and fantasy, the movie starts as a slightly cliched romcom – patient crushing over her therapist, damsel dreaming of her knight in shining armor, post-apocalypses, but takes a turn for the better. The end is inspiring and funny. The wise-guy approach of the director works beautifully well for the short film.   

Lyle Friedman does an awesome job and you’ll love her neurotic behavior. Doug Moe is great as the peculiar man who just tags along. The twist at the end is well worth the 11 minutes. Watch it here: