So you like bad boys, huh? The ones with an unpredictable attitude, bad mood swings and a chronic swearing problem. How charming!

But dating bad boys can be quite fun. You don’t have to worry about commitments and life is a rollercoaster ride. We meet all sorts of "bad guys" in our lives. But have you ever wondered, what it would be like to date a Bollywood villain? Sounds dicey? But if you don’t take the risk, how will you ever know? In all Bollywood films, the hero always gets the girl. Besides the regular vamps, the villains NEVER get a romantic song-dance sequence or a dreamy love affair. And everyone deserves a little bit of love. ‘Cause you never know what love can do!

Here, we’ve listed five super-villains from Bollywood, who we think deserve, at least, a single date night. Choose wisely!


Ranjeet is well-known for his vile ways of behaving with women. But things might just work out, maybe if you get him a bottle of wine and some cheese. Wine and cheese are a great combination to ignite romance. Don’t be surprised if he says something like this: "Itni mazedaar "cheese" bhagwan ke liye kaise chodh dun? Hargiz nahi!" If not for love, maybe for cheese!



Yeh haath mujhe dede”… jaaneman(!) When a man utters cheesy lines like this, the heart of course, will melt. Gabbar is a legend. Who wants a man with a boring regular job? This is a man of many talents. Your life will be filled with adventures.



"Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra". Is it us or does it sound like "The name is Bond. James Bond"? And when the name is "prem", how can evil exist within. Swoon!


Some men are totally insensitive. They don’t care how much time you have spent to cook their favorite meal, they just aren’t satisfied. But Mogambo is different. A man of few words, whatever he says, he says it with love… "Mogambo, khush hua!" He will express his appreciation, without fail.


Nothing like sweet surprises! Shakaal knows the best. He is known to surprise his enemies with zehreeli gas. But this man can still woo you with his "bald" appeal. You will know good things are in store for you when he utters "Yeh ‘perfume’ dheere dheere mehfil ko aur rangeen banati rahegi." 😉