Life Lessons Animated Movies Taught Us

28th of October is officially marked as the International Animation Day, honoring the first public performance of Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris on this very day, in 1982. So, it's been 34 years since then and the world of animation has evolved through the years. When we talk about animation, our mind somehow automatically starts dancing around movies with amazing visual effects and story-telling. They do not fail to surprise us with heart-touching,mind-boggling and gripping narrative that these movies offer and can leave us teary-eyed at times. They are shown in such a way that sometimes we develop a connect with certain characters. On a day that is dedicated to animation, let us revisit some of the best movies that conveyed life lessons wrapped in the beauty of animation.

Finding Nemo

4fc99f5e-a685-4761-8367-7d0a8f7373e0-minThe movie showed us that how a father, who is fearful of the large ocean and its unpredictable risks, loses his son to humans who tend to have an unnecessary wish – to keep fancy fishes in their tanks. As the story processes, Marlin discovers an incredible hero in himself on the journey of finding his son, Nemo. A lovely take on father- son relationship, Finding Nemo showed us that as much as we are eager to explore the world, our parents are equally scared of the dubious world that is out there.


up-movie-wallpaper-poster-disney-pixar-minYoung married couple, Carl and Ellie, promises each other that they will visit Paradise Falls someday and start saving for the same. But due to some reason or the other, they keep using up their savings. After Ellie passes away, a 78-year-old Carl fulfills their lifelong dream by traveling to Paradise Falls in his home equipped with balloons. Though some dreams might be hard to fulfill, chasing them is what makes life worth living, right?

The Good Dinosaur

e926575e3f114c0d9d2bbddcf360b8f207f96689-minThis is set in a world where dinosaurs and humans co- existed. The story is about an introvert and shy dinosaur, Arlo, who considers himself weak and not good enough to do achieve something big, like his siblings. Arlo overcomes his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of when he travels through the mysterious and harsh landscape along with an unlikely human, Spot. A life lesson covered in this animated form is not only for kids but adults as well.         


zoootpia-box-office-record-minOne of the best movies of 2016, Juddy Hops showed us that persistence is the key to achieving your goal. The beauty of this movie is that it highlights species stereotypes in a way that it does not offend any caste or religion. A cautionary story, Zootopia puts across a strong message that is loud and clear; a message against discrimination and prejudice at a time when the world really needs a constant reminder on the same. 


frozen-minThe film runs on the theme of the importance of family and the special bond sister share. With the magical power that Elsa had, she was always an outcast for the normal people. But soon she released there is no point in pretending to be someone that she isn't. Frozen taught us to embrace our uniqueness and be who we are unapologetically.    

The Croods 

2013-11-14-editedposter-minSet in the pre- historic period, the Croods are on a journey to find a new home for themselves when the cave that has always protected them from danger is destroyed. A journey that changes their outlook towards life and what all it has to offer is a reminder to all of us that innovation and change are the important ingredients to evolve and grow.

– By Priyanka Mehta