Hey, before you start the booing and the jeering, let me express my thought. The world of Michael Bay has been a part of our summer movie blockbuster diet. We all have been indoctrinated, nay brainwashed (albeit in a good way), to expect a glorious collection of guns, girls, guts and gigantic explosions. This has lead us to the Michael Bay universe. This universe is one of excess and gratuitous violence. Heck, we still like it. It distracts us from the humdrum and gray world which we live in.

Here is a comparative look at our actual universe and the universe of Michael Bay

Now take Transformers for example:

In the Michael Bay universe, the Transformers don’t worry about petrol, diesel or even CNG problems. They don’t even have to worry about the massive property damage that they cause while battling their enemies and their insecurities. But now, if they were running around here, they would be hit with insurance, destruction of property, tolls on highways and the rising cost of fuel.


What about the world of Bad Boys?

This is the world of gun-fire, gun-shots, guns and gun-nuts. Now in the Bad Boy universe, we don’t have to worry about stray bullets, or even how expensive guns really are. The universe enables us to run straight into traffic and commandeer a vehicle for police business. But here is the problem, if you aren’t a cop or a bad guy, you are sure to be killed in some sort of massive explosion or you might have to dodge some cars. The only way to survive atleast 2 hours in this universe is to either have a badge or a bad attitude. However, if you are the bad guy, you will survive till the end and then you will shot dead by the good guy who has been shot atleast 3 times. I know, it might not make sense but think about it. You will also have to be very careful around traffic signals, you never know who is going to come through. In our universe, there will be a different situation. You can’t run around carrying gun or wave it around or even fire shots while in a moving vehicle. And also, shooting at a car doesn’t make a massive explosion. Also, you cannot get hit by a bullet and then shrug it off. Bullet holes tend to make it difficult to keep moving about.


Armageddon is another mind-bending universe. Never mind the fact that the world is going to be hit by a super massive meteorite, humanity’s only hope is a dozen or so red-necked ‘riggers’ ( hard-hats/ grunts/ oil drillers/ drillers). Forget the rigors of space flight and the immense pressures of being an astronaut, all you need is the ability to drill and voila, instant hero. Here on our universe, being a rigger is good money but it is tough on the family and on the body. All you can do is work 12-15 hour shifts non-stop on a rig somewhere in the middle of the sea while surrounded by other guys who are just doing the same thing… over and over and over again.

In the end you are left with this idea that the Michael Bay universe is better and far more fun than our own dull and gray one. The downside is that you have just brave explosions and gun fire. The upside is the fact that you can find guns, fast cars and giant robots and super hot people. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Michael Bay universes are filled with really, really really good looking people.

Now if you are thinking about moving, don’t. In fact, all you need to do is just book your tickets and catch the latest Transformers movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction and get your fix.

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