The Life Trailer Tells Us How To Do Good Trailers

What if there was life on Mars? The jury is still out on that, but the movie “Life“ seems to have taken a different route, where we find ourselves battling the question, what if there is? If you have seen the trailer, the astronauts aboard the space station find themselves dealing with an alien specimen not so keen on being friendly.

The movie is directed by Daniel Espinosa from The Safe House fame and the film is a star-studded affair. Set in the vastness of space, the trailer very much reminds you of the Alien franchise by Ridley Scott .

The trailer has got many people eagerly anticipating the movie, and for a good reason. The trailer really captures the mood of the astronauts. The mood shift adds to the horror being experienced by the crew members on board. If only more trailers were made like this, as the trailer successfully tells you enough to get you excited about the project, but not enough to divulge the whole plot.

What really makes Life interesting is the new direction the movie takes the sci-fi and horror genre in. Especially when dealing with not-so-friendly aliens. If the trailer is any indication to what the film might be like, it can be said with much confidence that it is moving in the right direction.

Also, the fact that at some point in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal would be giving Ryan Reynolds some trouble adds to the mystery of the plot. What is really happening aboard the International Space Station? Well, you know it isn’t really that far away from Earth.

The thing that the trailer of the film makes very clear is that life on Mars has been found and it is time to engage with the found specimen, test it a little and see how it pans out. If you have watched the trailer, it doesn't seem all rosy for the good looking astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Life just might deliver everything that we have come to expect from a sci-fi movie. The audiences are done with the cheap thrills that many filmmakers have used previously.

Are you anticipating Life? If you are, then you will find yourself in good company. The trailer has made it very clear that the film won't be for the faint hearted and owing to that, everyone who claims to be a sci-fi aficionado should be excited!