Little Terrorist explores the sentiments of humanity vs. religion and does so explicitly well. In a world where we constantly face religious discrimination, this short film shows us the value and strength in an act of humanity.  

The film is about a young Pakistani boy Jamal who’s playing cricket near the Indo-Pak border. The ball crosses over to the Indian side and Jamal finds himself going across the border to retrieve the ball. Spotted by a few guards, an innocent act turns into something that can be life-threatening. But the boy runs into a brahmin man and his daughter. The story follows the struggle of the man who has to decide if he should help the boy as it is the right thing to do, or should he ignore a Muslim child, and leave him to his fate.  

The film has been shot well and maintains a firm grip on the storyline. Ashvin Kumar‘s cinematic sensibilities showcase the Indian countryside brilliantly. He manages to give us a story that is true in its essence and purpose. Little Terrorist received an Academy Award nomination in 2005. The film was one of the best films that year and won many other awards at film festivals. 

Ashvin Kumar‘s short film is a must, must watch. You should catch this short film here: