9 Live-Action Disney Remakes We Cannot Wait For

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? Because Disney is prepared to bring back your childhood, live-action style. Disney has become a nostalgia machine with a revival of its old favorites in the cinemas. Dinsey has released several live-action remakes in the past few years. The Jungle Book was a record-breaking success and Beauty and the Beast is already winning hearts again. There's a lot more in store, and here is the list of all the live-action Disney remakes being planned. 

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As of now, Disney maintains that the live-action remake of Mulan will not be a musical. The plot of the movie is not yet known, but we hope it sticks close to the original. It will cast Chinese actors in the primary roles and is set to release late next year.  

The Little Mermaid
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This live-action remake is going to be directed by Alan Menken. Lindsay Lohan has also expressed interest in playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who composed the music for Moana, will also be returning. There is also a live-action modern adaptation releasing later this year by Universal. 

Peter Pan
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The live-action remake of the boy who never grew up will be directed by David Lowery who directed the live-action Pete's Dragon that released last year. It's hoped that Tom Hiddleston will be playing Captain Hook, but there have been no confirmations of the cast. A spin-off featuring Tink is also being considered.

Lion King
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More of a CGI remake than a live-action remake Lion King is being directed by Jon Favreau, whose action-adventure animal movie, The Jungle Book, was a phenomenal success last year. Donald Grover will be voicing Simba and James Earl Jones (who's also the voice of Darth Vader) has been signed to voice Mufasa. 

Winnie the Pooh
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This live-action Disney remake will actually be a continuation of the story, similar to Toy Story 3. Called Christopher Robin, the movie will follow him into adulthood. It will be directed by Marc Forster whose previous directorial ventures include World War Z and The Kite Runner. 

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The remake is supposed to cast actors of Middle Eastern descent to stay true to the story, and will be directed by Guy Ritchie. A spin-off featuring Genie is also being talked about, but it is going to be hard to fill the shoes of the Robin Williams who voiced the character in the original movie. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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Another musical live-action remake, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is going to have original songs written by the duo that also gave lyrics to La La Land – Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. There is also a spin-off in the works about Rose Red, Snow White's sister. 

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The beloved flying elephant is also getting a live-action remake which is going to be directed by the legendary Tim Burton. It will be a mix of CGI and live-action and while it has not been cast yet, Eva GreenDanny DeVito, and Tom Hanks are in talks be in the movie. 

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A contrast to the light-hearted remakes, the live-action Pinnochio remake will be darker than the animated version and closer to the original novel. It is going to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who made Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy movies, along with Mark Gustafson.

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