Logan – The End and the Closure (Spoiler Alert!)

A beautiful end of an era is the unanimous response to Hugh Jackman's final installment as the adamantium-clawed mutant. The image for Wolverine has transformed from being a yellow and blue costumed anti-hero with a funky hairstyle to a hero. We have come to love and adore him over the last 17 years. Never has a comic book movie been so heart-wrenchingly perfect. The sadness that comes with the realization that this is the end (a message reiterated with no post-credit scene) comes with the satisfaction it couldn't have been more perfect. The X-Men franchise will carry on but this familiar face who has made an appearance in every movie (even Deadpool) will be greatly missed. As we continue mourning, some closure is needed. Please be warned this article contains major spoilers and should be only read as you return teary-eyed from the movie.

Memorable Moments

James Mangold has surely spun gold from all the dust we see in the movie. One scene that distinctly leaves a mark is the brief moment of laughter Laura, Charles Xavier and Logan share over dinner. Those smiles on their faces (even Logan's) fills us with hope in the bleak time. Calaban caring for Logan and Professor Charles Xavier was certainly one of the highlights and the 'beware the light' sequence certainly deserves a notable mention.
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Another moment that shocked us was when Laura speaks for the first time. There wasn't much difference in Logan's and our reactions. Although the Westchester incident only alluded to a couple of times. Charles' guilt in his final moments was heartbreaking as was his confession that was not allowed to be completed. If you think we have missed on the fight scenes and the ending, read on.

The Fights

There are five distinct fight sequences (counting the one in the hotel) with opponents of different calibers. There is the easy-peasy one with the thieves, which shows us Logan's aging because it is no more that easy for him. His fight with the Reavers aided by Laura is another excellent sequence. The opponents seem to be getting tougher with each fight while Logan gets weaker but is still resilient.
A comic book movie is usually all about the fights with brief dialogues between them. Here, the fight sequences were the action-packed interlude to the emotions being displayed on the screen.

Wolverine's blood-curdling scream as he runs onto the battlefield for the final time is chilling as he doesn't hesitate as he claws into people. The villain is not even allowed his monolog to be completed before he is shot in the head. Thanks to the R- rating, the fights were, for the first time, perfectly brutal.

The End

"So this is what it feels like" – Logan's last words are a response to Laura calling him dad would definitely induce a tear fest. Some say that this can also be an allusion to that this is the only time Logan will die and not return…ever. It can also be a relief to finally nearing the end to a life, which was longer and more painful than most. Logan has been a loner all his life and for the first time he has found some serious bonds of affection but sadly they haven't lasted long. He technically dies at his own hands (X-24 being his clone).Logan - BookMyShow

Also as X-24, you get a final glimpse of the Wolverine when he just started. The X on his grave defined as the end of X-Men as he was the last to die. The X on the grave also signifies the only thing closest to family Logan had – the X-Men. If you weren't wiping tears from your eyes by this time, Johnny Cash's When the Man Comes Around will surely do the job for you. The lack of post-credit rings a somber bell of finality.

What should be next?
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The fans are clamoring for an X-23 movie as Dafne Keene literally killed it as Laura. The origins have already been covered so they can get right down to action. A movie about a bunch of young pseudo-mutants would certainly be a treat to watch. The next X-Men movie features the younger version of the titular characters and we vote for James Mangold to direct that one too. An unlikely scenario that would make our grief futile is if Hugh Jackman decides to return. But there are ways he could come back as a clone like X-24 or since they love alternate timelines so much, a new one could be created. Although the fans might not like it at first but, we would still line up to see him again.

Comics vs Movie
Logan - BookMyShowThis debate is bound to happen as comic book lovers will discuss every difference in the movie. The main one being Logan doesn't die but his family does. And since the comic book universe is not affected by movie rights, Hulk gets wasted by Logan. We also see Bruce Banner Jr. walking away with Logan into the sunlight. Laura is not the package in the comics but instead, the package consists of the super soldier serum. Also, in the comics, it was Logan who kills the other X-Men when he is under the control of Mister Sinister. The concept of the time when Logan grows old is taken from the comics and a story has been weaved around it. If you do get your hands on a copy of the comic series, you should read it.

A throwback to the Weapon Plus
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The Weapon Plus program has created a lot of heroes and villains. Can you imagine who was Weapon I? Hint: He was created during World War II. It was none other than Steve Rogers. The other weapons created after that were experimentation on animals until Weapon X, which was Wolverine. Post the success of Weapon X, more experimentation was done with the existing mutant genes and clones were created. After the Weapon Plus program was disbanded, there came The Facility. The Facility is likeTransigen, where the X-23 and X-24 were born.

No amount of reading up on Logan is going to fill the gap his departure has left. If you are still wiping tears, you can go ahead and do an X-Men marathon (X2 can be skipped, let's be honest). A debate we all seem to be having is did Logan succumb to his injuries or did he chose to die? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.