While in Bollywood, a sequel to a hit film can be released within a year, fans of Hollywood movies generally have to wait much longer. At times, it even took more than half a century for the second part of a movie to release. Bambi holds the record for having the longest gap between the first two parts. The film released in 1942 and its sequel hit theaters in 2006. Well, that was a loooong sixty four year-wait. There are many other Hollywood movies whose sequels have been awaited for a long time, and here are some them that truly tested our patience.

Independence Day – Independence Day: Resurgencesequel

It took them twenty years to come back, and they’re finally here. The sequel to the 1996 hit Independence Day is out and it stars Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bill Pullman, and Judd Hirsch. Independence Day: Resurgence might not boast of a solid plot but the special effects are simply outstanding. 

Finding Nemo – Finding DorySequel

Over the years, Ellen DeGeneres kept joking about the sequel to the 2001 animated movie, Finding Nemo, on her show. The TV-show host voiced the character of Dory, a forgetful fish, in the film. Little did she know that Disney would make Dory the central character in the second part of Finding Nemo. Finding Dory, which released this month, has fared fantastically. 

Dumb & Dumber – Dumb and Dumber ToSequel

The 1994 Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels-starrer Dumb & Dumber grossed a huge amount at the box-office, and over the years it has developed a cult following. Dumb and Dumber To, which released in 2014 hardly lived up to the expectations and was panned by the critics. 

Psycho – Psycho II Sequel

The second part of Alfred Hitchcock‘s 1960 thriller, Psycho, was released twenty-three years after the original film. Anthony Perkins reprised his role in Psycho II and the movie focused on his life after he’s released from a mental institution. Even though the film wasn’t quite the masterpiece as the original, Psycho II was appreciated by many.