Over the years, the Indian TV industry has brought so much joy into our otherwise mundane lives. It gave us our daily dose of emotion, color and drama. But what makes Indian TV all the more special is the fact that it introduces us to a variety of characters. While some of these do not necessarily leave a mark, some actually manage to stay with us forever.

Here is a list of 11 characters that are still fresh in our memories:

Shaktimaan (Mukesh Khanna)
Now, who doesn't miss gathering before the TV every Sunday just to watch the kanoon ka dost, mujrimo ka dushman bashing up the bad guys? Shaktimaan was definitely India's answer to the Western superheroes. Superman flies? So? Our hero spins!

Shaktimaan - BookMyShow
Maya Sarabhai (Ratna Pathak Shah)
Maya Sarabhai was neither evil nor too good to be true. She was just someone who disliked a few things about her “middle class” daughter-in-law. Maya was real and also relatable at some level. All it took for us to burst into laughter was the fact that she would add “joke tha, beta” to every line of insult.

Maya Sarabhai - BookMyShow
ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam)
ACP Pradyuman is definitely one of the most loved characters on Indian TV. Who else would continue to solve cases for almost two decades, that too, without a promotion? Kuch toh gadbad hain!

ACP - BookMyShow
Tulsi Virani (Smriti Irani)
Mihir's wife, Tulsi was an integral part of the Virani parivaar. She seemed to have been the ideal daughter-in-law. Suddenly, every saas was like – bahu ho toh Tulsi jaisi.

Tulsi - BookMyShow
Naani (Farida Jalal)
Oh, how we loved Naani's harmless shararat! From pulling magical pranks on her son-in-law to finding magical solutions to every problem. She even helped her granddaughter, Jiya (Shruti Seth) find out how her boyfriend, Dhruv, really felt about her.
Farida Jalal - BookMyShow
Hansa (Supriya Pathak) and Praful Parekh (Rajeev Mehta)
If you say you did not love the heavy saree, jewellery and gajra-clad Hansa and her loving husband, Praful, you're probably lying! The couple's interpretation of English words changed the language for us completely.

Hansa - BookMyShow
Komolika Basu (Urvashi Dholakia)
Komolika…. “Nikka
, the person every Prerna (Shweta Tiwari) and Anurag (Cezanne Khan) supporter loved to hate. Komolika is the vamp who could do just about anything with her ability to manipulate.

Komolika - BookMyShow
Sona Aunty (Mrinal Kulkarni)
Sona Aunty is the figure all of us secretly hoped to have in our lives. She proved to be a helping hand, a beacon of hope and somewhat a maternal figure to Fruity (
Tanvi Hegde).

Sona Aunty - BookMyShow
Ramola Sikand (Sudha Chandran)
Ramola was not only the most evil step-mother there is, but also the
most stylish one. One can surely recall her beautiful sarees and long bindis, if nothing else.

Sudha Chandran - BookMyShow
Jassi (Mona Singh)
How could one ever forget the biggest makeover on Indian television? Jassi went from being the girl the “pretty” people ridiculed to being the boss,
Armaan's (Apurva Agnihotri) gorgeous wife.

Jassi - BookMyShow
Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below!