Luc Besson is best-known for his action-packed films starring unique flawed heroes. His vision of the world is filled with explosions, gun fire, heroes who have a questionable past, and women whose lives are tumbling into the void. And he delivers everytime. His stories are diverse and still maintain their core Besson-ness (Let’s make that a word, eh?) And now we have Lucy – A movie about the limits of the human condition. A film about a woman who takes the next step in evolution – a “Revolution”, so to speak. You will be taken and immersed into a world of light and dark, of good and bad, and of greed and crime. Lucy is written and directed by Luc Besson and stars Scarlett Johansson, who takes this role and runs with it. This is a jaw-dropping film with an old premise but a new twist. Don’t miss this film, watch it on the big screen and be blown away by a wonderful visual experience.

With Lucy, we have the standard gun play, explosions and things. But is that really the Luc Besson stamp of quality? Nope, they are his little touches. The story deals with a woman named Lucy, who through no fault of hers, ends up in the middle of a drug smuggling ring. Lost, terrified and out of her depth, she is forced to be a mule. This is where it gets interesting. The bag of drugs leak into her system. Normally, this would lead to an overdose and she’d be dead and oops, end of film. But Lucy is made of sterner stuff. She evolves. Gaining control of untapped portions of her brain, Lucy goes on her mission of revenge and retribution. She is helped along the way by Morgan Freeman‘s scientist character and Amr Waked, a Parisian cop. What happens next is the glorious Besson-ness of car chases, close combat fighting, gun play, shootouts, beautiful shots of Paris and night time shots of Taiwan. Interspersed in the middle of the film is wonderful footage about us and the world we inhabit. Lucy is a visual adventure where Besson depicts the world with his paintbrush.


Why should you watch this film?

This movie is a a treat for the senses. You will hold your breath for certain scenes, you will focus and pay attention to the little details. There are portions where you will wonder, “Huh? How did that happen?” But you can put that down to creative liberties. After all, this is a story and not reality. A leap of faith into the future. The film captures a touch of the present and twists it in a unique fashion. 


Scarlett Johansson is passable. She is absolutely gorgeous and deadly, much like a viper or a death-adder. Beautiful to behold, but deadly to mess around with. Morgan Freeman is just there for his token voice and to carry the story forward. Amr Waked’s character is just another plot device. But the fun is watching Min-sik Choi. For those who don’t know who this is – this is Oh Dae-su from Oldboy. He is fun to watch. He oozes evil and charisma. On the whole, it is Luc Besson that gets you in the end. The movie is a brilliant depiction of how this man’s mind works. In the end, Lucy is a trip. I enjoyed it and you might too. Get your tickets and catch it, Lucy is an adventure in movie form.

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