A movie is only enjoyable if the actors have convincing chemistry and they complement each other. Mollywood films, in general, have witnessed excellent chemistry between male and female actors. Not just in looks, these pairs share a great rapport in acting too, making their scenes look much realistic. Here are 10 such onscreen Mollywood couples who we love seeing together.

Naseer, Sheela

With a Guiness World Record of acting in more than 130 films together, Naseer and Sheela have always shared a sizzling chemistry that lives on even today. In fact, when it comes to onscreen couples, this pair’s would be the first names to pop up in any malayalees’ mind.

Jayan, Seema

Another couple from the older generation, Jayan and Seema looked extremely pretty together and their chemistry was impeccable. With films like Angadi, and Moorkhan they have left some memorable movies for us to enjoy.

Shankar, Menaka

Shankar who was once considered the romantic hero of Malayalam cinema looked quite incomplete without Menaka by his side. The onscreen couple together has left a mark in the industry with some beautiful movies to look back upon.

Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnamma

Back in the 90’s, if one had to cast parents of a hero or heroine, undoubtedly Thilakan and Kaviyoor Ponnamma would have been the first choice. They looked just perfect together and were nothing less than a real life father and mother. Together, they gave life to many characters which we love to watch even today.

Mammootty, Sumalatha

Mammootty and Sumalatha have done a handful of movies together and in all honesty, no one else looks perfect with Mammootty than Sumalatha onscreen. They dazzled in movies like Nirakoottu and New Delhi and were quite a match.

Jagathy Sreekumar, Kalpana

The actors, who were famous for their comic timing, jointly entertained the audience with some absolute comedy. When Kalpana was paired up with Jagathy, you know that a laughter riot is in store. We truly miss them onscreen.

Innocent, KPAC Lalitha

Recently in an interview, Innocent jokingly said that he signs every movie expecting a mainstream actress paired opposite him, but all he gets is Lalitha, every single time. This onscreen couple has always entertained us with their quick wit and excellent acting and we would love to see them together again.

Mohanlal, Sobhana

Mohanlal undoubtedly looks the best with Sobhana; when Manichitrathazhu released, a lot of fans were disappointed with the fact that Sobhana was not paired with Lal but Suresh Gopi. Nadodikattu, Minnaram and Thenmavin Kombath are some of the films that showed us the impeccable chemistry between these actors.

Jayaram, Urvashi

Though Jayaram and Parvathy were a thing and later got married to each other, it was Urvashi who gave the best moments with Jayaram onscreen. Be it Kadinjool Kalyanam or Malootty, the couple were extremely fabulous together and delivered some beautiful moments for us to cherish.

Kunchako Boban, Shalini

When we first saw Shalini with Kunchako Boban in ‘Aniyathipraavu’ and later in ‘Niram’, we felt such fierce chemistry between them and hoped to see them together in real life as well. When Shalini got married to Kollywood Superstar Ajithkumar, a lot of Malayalees were heartbroken and felt betrayed. Such was their chemistry!