For any artist, what makes them terrific performers is the versatility to portray any role with much substance and conviction. Though the heroes of Mollywood are really good at whatever they do, it is equally important to show their versatility in order to keep their name on people’s favourite list, always. Executing a heroic role and winning hearts may not be easy, being a real baddie and making the audience hate you is more challenging. For any mainstream actor, it is sort of a risk to play negative roles, but some of our heroes dared to try it out.

Mammootty –Vidheyan

Mammootty, who had been quite famous for playing a family man until then, took a drastic step in 1994 and played a ruthless villain in Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Vidheyan. He portrayed Bhaskara Patelar, a tyrannical landlord who is brutal beyond belief. The role not only showed how effortlessly he could play versatile characters but also gave him much deserved accolades including the National Award for Best Actor.

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Mohanlal – Uyarangalil

Interestingly, the star started his career playing a heartless villain. Though he has played many negative roles in the early days of his career, the one that would always stand out (apart from his debut) is ‘Uyarangalil’. P K Jayarajan enacted by Mohanlal is a greedy, cold-blooded, criminal-minded man who would go to any extent to get things done. Finally, when he jumps off that cliff, you somehow wish he did not win.

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Fahadh Faasil – Kumbalangi Nights

Fahadh Faasil though had a disappointing debut, his second entry into Malayalam cinema was surprisingly mind-blowing. He has done quite a few negative tinted roles, but Kumbalangi Nights’ Shammi deserves all the praise. ‘Shammi – The Complete Man’ as he calls himself, is a regular guy with not so ordinary behaviour. From trying to prove himself to be the head of the family, interfering in Babymol’s life to moral policing, his character reveal gets creepier. And when his true self is finally out, you get shocked to see psycho behaviour, at the same time are mind blown to watch such brilliant performance from the actor.

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Jayasurya – Iyobinte Pusthakam

Jayasurya who was famous for his comic timing had always been experimental with his characters and gave some really good performances till date. Of the many negative roles he did, Angoor Rawther in Iyobinte Pusthakam is quite brutal and powerful. While Fahadh Faasil portrays a tough protagonist, Jayasurya is an equally strong antagonist. The dialogues and terrific BGM also complements his character.

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Asif Ali – Uyare

Asif Ali’s Govind in ‘Uyare’ is the classic example of a toxic boyfriend. He is so insecure about his life that every time he sees Pallavi’s life progress, he just can’t take it. He blames her, emotionally abuses her and finally pours acid on her face. Govind does not have any creepy antics, but Asif Ali makes sure that the audience despises the character. Though the movie is all about Pallavi (Parvathy Thiruvoth) and her struggles, Asif also deserves a huge round of applause for making his character despicable.

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