Sports drama ‘Finals’ was a 2019 Onam release and stars Rajisha Vijayan, Suraj Venjaramoodu and Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju in the lead. This was directed by P R Arun and tells a story about the dirty side of sports. This film with its fabulous content and beautiful making is a must-watch, and here are the five major reasons why you should not miss it. You can stream this on Manoramamax.

Suraj Venjaramoodu’s excellent performance

Time and again, Suraj has proven what amazing an actor he is and Finals is yet another proof where his acting prowess is clearly visible. His portrayal as Varghese, a disheartened sports coach and a helpless father is exceptional and you could just feel his pain right from his expressions. He is indeed the best cast for the role and will 100% justice, he has performed it.

The actors have trained hard and it shows

All the actors sure have gone through immense training and practice to essay their respective roles. Be it Rajisha Vijayan’s cyclist role or the other characters essaying the roles of athletes, the transformation is visible and the performances are extremely convincing.

The visuals are simply stunning

One major aspect of the film is its visuals. Close-ups shots of the sportspeople, wide-angle shots of scenic Kattappana and Vagamon, and most importantly the visuals of the sports events are wonderfully covered. Thanks to Sudeep Elamon for his fresh frames and beautiful visuals. Kailas Menon’s music also keeps the pace of the film going top-notch.

Rajisha is a natural performance

Rajisha though has only done a handful of films, have always surprised us with her performances. This natural beauty with her most natural acting woos the audience this time as well. Alice’s innocence, perseverance, love, helplessness and power has been portrayed very well by the actor.

Shows us the underbelly sports

Hypocrisy, diplomacy and politics are prevalent in almost every field; sports is no exception. The dirty side of sports is well showcased without hurting anyone’s sentiments. We get to see how authorities misuse their power for money, fame, nepotism and more.

Overall, Finals is a brilliant make and an out-and-out sports yet family drama that features emotions without making a mockery out of it. Streaming now on Manoramamax, do not miss this gem.

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