Malayalam movie fans be ready for a rib-tickler that is set to hit the big screen next Friday. Directed by Midhun Manuel ThomasAlamara promises to be a comedy entertainer. Alamara is the third directorial project of Midhun who made his directorial debut with the movie Aadu in 2015. His second film as a director was the well-loved Malayalam movie Ann Maria Kalippilaanu (2016), which was released in Telugu too titled Pilla Rakshasi (2016) and it was equally loved by fans.

Interestingly, Midhun signed Aju Varghese and Sunny Wayne who were also part of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu, in Alamara. The two actors who played the role of friends in their previous movie will be playing cousins in this one. The comedy duo will be looking to make fans laugh again with their jokes and comic timing.

The story of the movie revolves around an "Alamara" (cupboard) that is gifted to the newly-wed couple by the bride's parents (Aditi Ravi) as part of a traditional custom. How this Alamara wreaks havoc in the life of the couple Arun and Swati is what the film is all about. From the looks of the trailer, the film will no doubt have moments that will surely be quite a riot but it will also make them emotional when the alamara becomes the source of all trouble in the life of Arun and Swati.

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The other cast members include Renji Panicker, Indrans, Saiju Kurup, Manikandan R. Achari and many others. Manikandan who played a serious role in Kammatipaadam (2016) will be seen in a humorous role in this and this would be interesting to watch.

Aju Varghese plays the role of Suvin, a bachelor desperate to get married. He is Arun's cousin and confidant who accompanies Arun to all the pennu kaanal (bride-seeing), 47 in total as told in the trailer.

Everything You Need to Know About Alamara - BookMyShow

The movie also marks the debut of Sonu Anna Jacob who plays the role of Divya Pavitran, a girl who aspires to be a bank employee. With an interesting plot, Alamara is a satire on the traditional custom related to marriages in Kerala. The story is written by Mahesh Gopal and the script by John Manthrikal.

Are you as excited as us to catch this movie on March 17? We are sure you are.

If you haven't watched the trailer, you can watch it right here: