Khalid Rahman as a filmmaker is only 2 films old, but he has already proved his mettle through his previous outings. His third film, Love, starring Rajisha Vijayan and Shine Tom Chacko in the lead hints at a thriller, quite contrary to its title. With these two natural actors and an exceptional cast and crew, we are sure the film will be a stunner; the trailer also hints at the same!

Love has been produced by Ashiq Usman under his banner Ashiq Usman Productions and has Jimshi Khalid handling cinematography and Neha Nair, Yakzan Gary composing music. The film is shot entirely during the lockdown and seems to have been set in an apartment alone. From the trailer, it is evident that the film is about the quarrel between a married couple who were deeply in love with each other at one point. Anger makes people do nasty things, and some really scary stuff has happened between the two, as there is no sign of the wife after the fight. Does it hint at a murder mystery? We need to watch the film to find out.

The trailer overall looks interesting and promises as an engrossing film. Shine Tom and Rajisha have given amazing performances teamed with Khalid Rahman earlier, so we are hoping for some powerful performances this time around too. The visuals look stunning too. We have watched many films that narrate fights between couples, but this looks different and one of its kind. The release date and other details including the release platform are yet to be announced, but we are expecting an OTT release. We are eagerly waiting to watch this film shot during the pandemic and the intensity it holds.

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