Mollywood is gearing up for a big movie release this year. Starring megastar Mammootty in the lead, Mamangam is directed by M. Padmakumar. The director’s last movie Joseph was appreciated by all for its slick execution. This multi-lingual film is set to release in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. It is set in 1695 BCE Kerala and revolves around the warriors of that period. Apart from Mammootty, Mamangam also stars Unni Mukundan, Prachi Tehlan, Siddique, Achuthan, Anu Sithara, and others.

Mamangam is reported to be releasing in November this year but there has been no official confirmation from the production house. The teaser that was released recently has Mammootty looking ready for a battle. Unni Mukundan is seen fighting off a few men in a traditional sword and shield. There is also a young boy who seems to have a significant role in the movie. In the one-minute-thirty-second teaser, the boy is said to have changed history. How he does so remains to be seen. Mamangam also highlights the Indian martial art form called kalaripayattu. It will be interesting if the actors can pull off some graceful moves.

Touted to be made on a big-budget, Mamangam will definitely offer some whistle-worthy moments thanks to Mammootty. To stay updated on the latest about the film, click on the ‘Interested’ button below.