The Versatile Fahad Faasil dons a new role!

Malayalam sensation Fahad Faasil has created a unique fan-base for himself. The actor, well-known for his versatility and distinct acting ability rose to fame in the last few years especially after his run-away hit Mallini 22 Female Kottayam. It looks like the light-eyed star will treat his fans to an interesting film in 2014. It will be his first film this year, a psychological-thriller titled One by Two, which is already creating a buzz among Malayalam cine fans.

The trailer begins with the cautionary words, “please plug in your headphones for an enhanced audio experience” after which a countdown begins, indicating that you need to buckle up and focus entirely on the trailer. Looking fierce in his khaki-colored uniform. Fahad is seen discussing a crime scene. The next scene shifts to the introduction of two other characters, Murali Gopi and Honey rose. There is mention of the name Ravi several times, indicating that the story might revolve around that character. It also showcases several ambiguous shots and chaotic moments building curiosity among the audience. The three-minute long trailer went viral in less than two days garnering over 1.80 lakh views.

This movie has Fahad Faasil donning the role of a police officer for the first time. The movie revolves around a Bangalore Cadre police officer Yousuf Marrakar (Fahad Faasil) who is assigned to investigate a major crime scene in a hospital. The movie is directed popular editor-turned-director, Arun Kumar Aravind who has established himself in the industry by delivering 3 back-to-back hits in the past.
Interesting Cast
Scriptwriter-turned-actor Murali Gopi whose known for playing a bad guy in most of his films, dons the character of a doctor. Actress Honey Rose also plays an important part in this film. The movie also stars Tamil actors such as Abhinaya and Azhagar Perumal. Gopi Sunder has composed the music for the film while Joemon Thomas handles the cinematography. The film is produced by B.Rakesh, Universal Cinema. The film is set to release on March 21 2014.

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