Review: Man of Steel, Zack Synder’s reboot of Superman, focuses on the the Kryptonian’s history and his journey on Earth. The movie has some brilliant breathtaking moments but it does have its disappointments as well.

The story is quite simple and has a lot of essence to it. The opening scene showcases the birth of Kal-El, Krypton’s first natural birth in centuries. In the planet’s dying moments Zod goes bonkers while Jor-El (Russell Crowe) bids goodbye to his son. Kal-El lands on Earth and is adopted by the Kent family. Then on, he begins living as Clark Kent and on his father’s advice makes himself invisible (not literally). Things start to change and BAMN! Superman arrives to take on Zod.

The first half of the movie is quite exceptional. The build up is perfect and as smooth as silk. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) played exceptional roles, though minuscule, as respective fathers of Kal-El and Clark Kent. The second half picks up where the first left off but rather than making an upward transition, the graph remained stable. The second half is all about incendiary fires, super punches and a whole lot of flying, which is a good thing but there should have been a stop somewhere. Amidst all the fights and high-adrenalin clashes Zack Snyder didn’t realize when to quit, hence making the movie excruciatingly long. Overall the essence wasn’t really taken away but a lot of scenes could have been avoided and execution could have been a little better.
Zack Snyder and his team focused a little too much on CGI and visuals which in a way was not the right thing to do. Yes, the film was definitely visually stunning but the characters, overall, were underdeveloped. The character of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) started off with a bang with her being her usual pesky self. But down the line, her character grew weak. It was the same case with Zod (Mike Shannon). Zod is an epic character from the Superman series. A military general with a lot of dastardly ideas. Again, he started off with a bang and towards the end, fell weak. If you really want to know what General Zod is like, watch Superman 2. The two stand out characters in the movie were Henry Cavill (Thank God. After all he plays Superman) and Russell Crowe. Henry Cavill played Superman very well (If you’re a DC New 52 reader, you’ll know what I’m talking about). The movie was extremely intense but lacked depth and humor. The essence was kept intact but the innocence of Superman (which made him so exuberant) was lacking. Zimmer didn’t really do a great job in my opinion. With all due respect, it was an uphill task beating John Williams but Zimmer didn’t come close to equaling the greatness, let alone beating it.
Though there were quite a few misfires, the reboot, overall, is pretty good. Like mentioned earlier, the build up was superb the way the movie maintained its pace was perfect. The one great thing about the reboot is that the next film may be even better than this one. This reboot has laid the perfect foundation for the Superman franchise to carry on further. On the whole, this film is good to watch. Classic Superman fans (read: Comics & Richard Donner’s Superman) may be a tad-bit disappointed. Fortunately, it won’t stab people’s childhood in the heart as a lot of the scenes and situations are very similar to the comic books.

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