He is currently considered as one of the hottest stars in India. From Bollywood to Tollywood, from Action to Romance, this versatile actor is all over the place. The ‘Bahubali‘ star has the ladies swooning and the men writhing with jealousy. You’ll soon see him towering over all his co-stars in the 2015 release, Baby.

There is definitely something about him that exudes charm. What is it exactly? To figure that out, we try to decipher the many faces of the one and only, Rana Daggubati.

This is a well-intentioned post that aims to poke light-hearted fun. There is no malice or intention to defame the actor. It is more like one of those times when you put up a picture on Facebook, and your friends comment with inappropriate stuff. But they do love you at the end of the day (at least we hope they do).

We wish Rana Daggubati all the luck in his career in the coming year.

Designed by: Paritosh Parmar

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