Known as David Ten-Inch to his friends, Mr. Tennant has gone from being a classically trained actor to a cultural phenomenon. Yeah, we are talking about the 10th Doctor! Doctor Who, you say… That’s my point. He played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor, saving lives with a screwdriver and a police box (check out the image, that’s the TARDIS). He has been a part of British television and international cinema for a long time. Born David John McDonald, he chose the name Tennant due to the fact that the Screen Actors Guild rules states that no two actors may have the same name. So he decided to look in the top hits of the time and from the Pet Shop Boys, David Tennant was born. 

Let’s take a look at some of his most memorable roles, shall we? 

1) Here is the Big One: The Doctor:

David Tennant took over from Christopher Eccelstone when the BBC resurrected the Doctor Who series in 2005. As the 10th incarnation, he brought a touch of comedy to the Doctor, but don’t forget that this is also the man who saw Gallifrey fall. Known as the Oncoming Storm, Sandshoes, Matchstick Man and Sweetie, the Doctor has decimated his enemies, often with nothing more than his wits, his screwdriver and the TARDIS. 

In the words of the Doctor: Allons – y! 

2) Casanova (TV movie):

Now here is a role that will have you scratching your head. David played a young Giacomo Casanova in this wonderful TV series. The series also starred Peter O’Toole as the older Casanova recounting his life. Set in the beautiful canal city of Venice, we get to see Tennant woo, seduce and charm the most beautiful women. But he meets his match in Henriette. David’s performance was so captivating, Russel T. Davies cast him as the Tenth Doctor. Like he said, “This is beginning to scare me."

3) Much Ado about Nothing

Ah, Shakespeare! The bane of school children everywhere. Or is he? Probably not once you have watched David Tennant play Benedick to the hilt in Shakespeare’s witty comedy “Much Ado about Nothing”. With lines like “ When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.”  and “Love me, why?”, this play will make you giggle and guffaw. 

4) Fright Night

In this film, David Tennant plays the part of a Las Vegas magician who is also an expert on killing vampires. That’s it, need we say any more? With his wicked lines throughout the film, David gets to be the rockstar of the magic world. He takes a brilliant turn as a tortured soul who has trouble wearing leather. In his words: “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. That doesn’t narrow it down. That’s like, mini-golf and sushi.” Words of advice that should be heeded. 

5) Richard II

And now, David Tennant is all set to treat you to a wonderful rendition of Richard II. Also known as The Tragedy of King Richard the Second, this play centres around a difficult character in English history. Richard the Second was thought of as a cruel and vindictive king who was not interested in his subjects, rather the subjugation of said subjects. Along with the Royal Shakespeare Company, David actually sinks his teeth into this character and delivers a wonderful performance of power and megalomania. 

You can now watch David Tennant as Richard II at a screen near you. Just book your tickets and experience Shakespeare like never before.

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