The 10 most Devastatingly Beautiful Marathi Films

sMarathi cinema may have seen too many lows, but it is indeed the right time to say that it has bounced back. The zeal and enthusiasm is much evident from the kind of films the industry is churning out. The Marathi film industry had always been conventional in its approach and so, after a point of time it started reflecting redundancy. There came a void which prophesied the end of a gleaming world. A sense of doom struck upon the industry. The Marathi film industry had not just slowed down its pace, but had come to a striking halt. Rich in literature and lore, the filmmakers had abundant stories to tell, but money stopped flowing in. This vacuum led to talent migration to other film industries. But the issue was yet to be dealt with. Foreseeing that Marathi film industry might shut shop, the veterans soon acted upon it by joining forces to reinstate the pride of Marathi cinema. After all, it is righteously Dadasheb Phalke’s (The father of Indian cinema) terrain and to let it diminish meant letting down the efforts of the man who gave us the medium of a visual treat.

When Swas took its first breath on Marathi soil, Marathi cinema was instantly revived. It became an inspiration for the films that followed. It sired a revolution, a revolution for rejuvenation. The by-products of this revolution left many in awe of the proficiency, and of the talent the industry held in its bosom. The cinema attracted foreign talent. It was no longer the same ol’ cinema. A lip-lock was no more a controversial concept to showcase. It was accepted with open arms and the film, Jogwa won a National Award.

Marathi cinema had finally got a makeover!

Marathi cinema has shunned the age-old nomenclatures and emerged as a cinema option that cinephiles rather not avoid. There’s certainly something to learn from the films that are churned out. Set aside a few remakes and you’ll certainly enjoy it, hands down!

Amongst the plethora of great works of the industry, there lie a few that a cinema-lover ought to watch, for the levity of the work and for the efforts that are put into making such a motion picture. These are the films that will appease the cinema-lovers from far and beyond:

Dombivali Fast

Starring a versatile actor Sandeep Kulkarni, the film connected with Mumbaikars as it voiced the daily issues every person belonging to the middle class strata of the society faces. Revolving around a single character, the film sketched the life of citizens of the great metropolitan city. The rage of this man with a touch of simplicity is not just heartwarming but soul-stirring.


A multi-starrer film that touched upon a subject that is closer to every individual’s heart. This film focusses on those who’ve left their roots and have been trying to adjust to the chaos of the city. With a rural backdrop and a tinge of unrequited love, the film hinted at the significance of culture and traditions in a very subtle fashion. It rightly placed a message of how important it is for each one of us to revere our roots.


The film speaks of the Guardian spirit of a house. It is a story that on surface may be about feudalism, but there is more to it than just one angle. It echoes family tradition, it echoes love, and an incessant soul-searching quest the protagonist embarks upon. It is deeply evocative and stars a strong starcast – Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Atul Kulkarni, Uttara Bavkar, Ravindra Makini, Renuka Daftardar and Rekha Kamat. The film leaves a great impact on the viewer’s psyche.


A heart-touching tale of love that bagged the National award for being an eccentrically best Marathi feature film. A story that redefines love. It makes us believe that love has no age, it is a gift which will surprise you no matter what age you are. In other words, a tale based on the post-retirement phase and marks the beginning of a second innings and a celebration of love. The film stars renowned actors Neena Kulkarni and Shivaji Satam.


More than just a love story, this film defines the eternal bond of marriage. Resurrecting our belief in the marriage institution, the film leaves a deep impact on viewers owing to the celestial performances of the actors – Vikram Gokhale, Neena Kulkarni, Reema Lagoo, Sai Tamhankar, Kishor Kadam, Arun Nalavade, Rohan Mankani and Neha Pendse. The attempts of an elderly man to save his ailing wife forms the film’s story, but also touches base with relationships and humanity, at large.


This film can be helmed as an unconventional love story in much conventional settings. With unblemished performances by Sachin Khedekar and Priya Bapat makes this film a must watch. A tete-a-tete with traditions and a fight against primeval rituals forms the backdrop of this pre-independence love tale. But again, it is an unrequited love story. The film is certainly romantic as much as motivational; it questions love and the nature of mankind.

72 Miles-Ek Pravas

The film traces the journey of 72 miles that changes the life of a child. He gains the wealth of knowledge and abundant experience along the way as much as he enjoys this uncalled-for adventure. The film teaches lessons of life with each step this child takes. Although transient, different hues of human nature become lucid with this film. What makes it more appealing is the story which is based on the autobiography of Author Ashok Vhatkar. What amplifies the film’s story is the performances by the starcast, especially that of Chinmay Sant and Smita Tambe.

Taryancha Bait

More of a bet than just bait (island). The film is an innocent tale of a young boy who wishes to visit the island city, the city of dreams, Mumbai. But owing to poor financial conditions, his father cannot take him there. So the two place a wager – if the son wins, his father shall take him to the island city. The father looking at the household circumstances wishes that his son lose the bet, but his son incessantly attempts and endeavors at winning the bet. The undying spirit of the little boy makes the tale endearing and a must watch.


The film promises to deliver a rib-tickling comedy as well as an awe-inspiring social message, simultaneously. Revolving around a bunch of friends who wish to make a movie on AIDS, the film captures the significance of the issue as well as entertains the audience. This film proved to be a complete paisa-vasool film for those who watched it on 70mm.


At the crux, it is all about fulfilling the unfulfilled wishes of a deceased father but when analyzed closely, the film you watch gives you joy and sorrow, yet it leaves you empty towards the end. Pitruroon is a story of fate which meddles with the lives of the characters. A strong-willed performance is given by yesteryears’ beauty Tanuja alongside Sachin Khedekar, Suhas Joshi, Ketaki Palav, Omkar Kulkarni, Poorvi Barve, Madhavi Soman, Om Bhatkar, Chandrashekhar Kulkarni and Uma Sradeshmukh.

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