Marathi cinema is on a roll! Right from the beginning of this year, the industry has churned out some amazing films that entertain us with a refreshing cinematic experience. The industry is considered as one of the most evolved regional cinemas in India. It's gaining strength and the movie theatres are showing more willingness to screen Marathi movies. It is slowly catching up with its sibling, Bollywood. In fact, this year we saw some gems produced by the Marathi movie industry that put it at the forefront of Indian cinema.

Here are five Marathi films from this year that every cinema lover should definitely watch:

1. Sairat
Love story of the decade, Sairat is the highest grossing Marathi film ever. The movie, which released early this year, was and still is an enigma not just amongst Marathi audience, but cinema lovers as a whole. It broke all the records at the box office by crossing INR 80 Crores, which is a first for a Marathi film. The film touches on the very sensitive matter of casteism, especially in innocent love affairs.

2. Natsamrat
It was the first release of the year and a gift to movie connoisseurs. Starring Nana Patekar in the lead role
,Natsamrat is based on a play of the same name about an ageing theatre artist and the hardships of life he faces. It's a marvel and deserves to be watched at least once in your life time.

3. Ventilator
Loud, Chaotic and Endearing, Ventilator is a Maharashtrian family drama that comes with a molten center. The movie also marks the debut of Priyanka Chopra in the Marathi movie industry. This is the first movie of her production house.

4. Phuntroo
Phuntroo is a fun-filled Sci-fi Marathi flick that won many hearts. Directed by National Film Award winner Sujay Dahake, Phuntroo is based on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, a subject less explored in Marathi cinema. The film was a blockbuster and praised for its unique and interesting story line.

5. Ganvesh
Ganvesh, a simple story of a boy and his family’s struggle to get him a new uniform for the Independence Day speech, touches all the emotional chords. It's a soul touching film that reiterates the belief that in Marathi films “Content is the King”. Last week, a Marathi thriller movie, “Kaul – A Calling” was released and is receiving heart-warming responses from the viewers. It is bold; it is deep; it is unconventional; but most importantly, it is engaging. The film is all set to become a blockbuster! If you haven't watched it yet, book your movie tickets now!

Written By: Mansi Gupta