This year Marathi Movies has taken a personal challenge to rise out of the ashes and entertain us with a refreshing cinematic experience. Right from the beginning of the year, the industry has churned out some unique and awe-inspiring movies. These movies have not just cashed-in on profits at the box office but have also made a significant impression on the minds of the audience. The movies that have released so far have shown a drastic improvement in the quality of script, direction, and performance. This definitely indicates that there are a lot of talented people in the industry who only need the right kind of support and platform to present their creative prowess and raise the bar.

To offer a quick overview, we bring you the list of some of the successful and widely appreciated Marathi films of 2016 so far. If you haven't watched them already, you definitely need to do so now.

The love story of the decade. This is the one that broke all records by crossing INR 80 crores at the box office.

Nana Patekar started the year with a bang by delivering a stellar performance in Natsamrat. It has been a good stretch since then.

Lalbaugchi Rani
An endearing story of a mentally challenged girl that won hearts without sounding preachy.

A masaledar film with loads of action and drama to keep you entertained throughout.

This was a decent attempt at making a sci-fi film that opened up doors for more creative content.

Ganvesh is a simple story that was been enriched with brilliant performances by the actors.

Astu offered a glimpse of pleasant and not so pleasant moments of relationships that was enjoyed a lot by its audience.

Half Ticket
A light and heartwarming tale of two brothers, Half Ticket also showed the stark difference between the many strata of society.

If Marathi cinema continues to release hits like these, things will begin to look up again for this industry. And maybe, it will soon be spoken of in the same breath as or even surpass the glamorous appeal of Bollywood.