Well made women-centric movies can be a treat to watch as they give us a chance to walk in the shoes of the lovely women in our lives. Women’s roles are known to exist on the spectrum that’s stereotypical on one end and groundbreaking on the other. Here are five beautiful tales about strong women who mirror their strong, real counterparts in society. These films capture the essence of going through life as a cis woman.

Bucket List

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Starring the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit, Bucket List is about a woman who has lost herself in her duties as a wife and a mother. Madhura Sane (Dixit) gets a heart transplant from a 20-year-old young girl, Sai. As a tribute to the young donor, Madhura decides to complete Sai’s bucket list. Through this, she discovers herself and finds a new zest for life.

Aamhi Doghi

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Based on a short story Paus Ala Motha by Gauri Deshpande, Aamhi Doghi is a story of a heartening friendship between two very different women. Savi (Priya Bapat) is a lively topper while Ammi (Mukta Barve) is a composed, illiterate woman who’s a second wife to Savi’s cold, distant father. The movie has emotional depth, two stunning actresses, and a superbly written script.

Welcome Home

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The graceful and super talented Mrinal Kulkarni plays a middle-aged professor, Dr. Saudamini Joshi, who comes back home after leaving her emotionally unavailable husband. She leaves with her 11-year-old daughter and her sick mother-in-law. While on one hand the family wants her to be happy, on the other, they don’t want her to end up alone. A mature film with intelligent dialogues and amazing performances, Welcome Home strikes the right chord.


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Madhavi Sawant is a courageous police officer with a conscience and a resolve to help those in need. She refuses to give in to the corruption rampant in the system though it invites wrath from powerful people. Mukta Barve plays the tough-as-nails cop with conviction.

Wedding Cha Shinema

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An independent filmmaker Urvi takes up a project to make a pre-wedding shoot for a Pune couple. This movie portrays her struggle with the idea of love and companionship versus being independent. The film is witty, intelligent and breezy. While it represents a lot of modern women with careers, it is also a good entertainer.