Horror films come and go. Most are meh while the others are just disappointing. For a country that’s so diverse, we are yet to tap in the horror genre in its truest sense. But fret not horror buffs, your wait for a good horror flick may be over.

Lapachhapi is the newest offering from the debutant director Vishal Furia. This Marathi film which released back in 2016 won several accolades overseas becoming the first Indian film to get officially get selected at Brooklyn Film Festival.

The plot is pretty basic yet terrifying. An eight-month-old pregnant woman and her husband seek shelter in a house hidden inside a sugarcane field. But the fields are ridden with secrets of the past, which start unraveling like layers of an onion, posing a threat to the mother and her unborn child.

For a film that looks so compelling, it was wrapped up in a relatively short period of time. It took the director about two months to write the story, almost a year to find the producer,  two months of pre-production, 16 days of the shoot, and two months of post-production. 

The trailer gives you the creeps and also some form of hope for the horror genre in Indian cinema. Unlike the usual run-of-the-mill horror films, this movie seems to focus more on generating an eerie atmosphere and developing characters crucial to the central plot. It looks refreshing for an Indian film.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here you go. You should NOT be missing out on this one.