Bollywood or Hindi Film industry is full of stars. A star can be a well-known personality, actor or an actress who is the marketable material of the movie and tries to pull the audiences on their face. An actor with may be tremendous fame is a Star. But when we talk about our very own Marathi Film Industry, we have lot of moons, shining by reflecting other stars’ light. Whenever a Bollywood movie gets hit, it is because of the lead actor. But when a Marathi movie gets hit, it is because of the character that is portrayed by an actor.

Going by the latest trends and figures at the box office, Marathi Movies are doing just more than being good in the industry. The marathi film industry is well-known for content driven stories. After the success of movies like Balak Palak, Sairat and Natsamrat, the young crowd in the Maharashtra region is trying their hands more and more towards experimental movies to cheer the audiences. Apart from getting favourable reviews, they are also showing unprecedented box office collections. Carrying the legacy forward, two major movies were released this month- Ventilator and Vazandar.

Ventilator, despite being a marathi movie, the flavour, the content and the message is widespread and can be enjoyed by the non-marathi audience also. This movie tells us that language and people can be different, but the emotions underneath any human are universal. Priyanka Chopra production,is a beautiful journey of emotions, relationships and priorities which haunt the normal person in day to day life. Ashutosh Gowarikar who has made his acting comeback after some 18 years. Over concerned neighbours, star struck wife, aloof youngster and elders imposing their experience are shown so beautifully in the movie that one connects to it instantly.

Vazandar is a light hearted comedy, a story by Sachin Kundalkar and is about two overweight women Priya Bapat and Sai Samhankar. It comes with the simple and straightforward message of inner beauty and having self confidence which nearly resonates with each one of us. It does not get preachy at all and has likable characters who help the leading ladies as well as the audience learn some lessons about what’s right and what’s not for a person’s well being.

Filmmakers must consider that these are the times where story-line matters the most and not some Khan starring in the film. Audiences have widened their perspective of entertainment and they want something healthy for their mind rather than just being delightful. So, even if you all don’t understand Marathi language, go watch these movies for the utter love for cinema and some big time inspiration. Book your happiness now from the biggest online ticketing platform BookMyShow- Mood Kiya Book Kiya.