We all love a good comedy and now more than ever. A lot goes into making a good comedy – a good plot, a strong script and a team of able actors to see it through. Even when the dialogues are written well, it’s the delivery that counts.

Siddharth Jadhav

Siddhu is not an unknown face to the Marathi as well as the Hindi audience. He has been a part of successful movies like Golmaal Returns and Simmba. He has also made us laugh in Ye Re Ye Re Paisa and Time Please. Siddharth uses his unconventional looks and his taut comic timing and is terrific in everything he does.

Bhau Kadam

Bhau Kadam’s innocent and child-like demeanor are his strengths and the main reasons why we love him this much. And the fact that he is innately funny and a natural performer adds to his persona. Be it Hawa Yeu Dya or movies like Nashibvaan and Half Ticket, he is always in his element.

Prashant Damle

This seasoned veteran actor easily has the best stage and screen presence in the history of Marathi cinema. The man does restrained and natural comedy like no one else and is always a delight to watch, regardless of the plot.

Jitendra Joshi

Be it Katekar or his other roles in other movies like Choricha Mamla, Jitendra Joshi aces every role he plays. From his dialogue delivery to his facial expressions and body language, this actor shows unparalleled comic timing.

Nirmiti Sawant

Nirmiti Sawant has been around for a long time because of her killer comedy skills and she is easily one of the best comedy actors of Marathi TV and cinema. She was a part of phenomenal movies like Nishani Dava Angatha, Valu, Navra Majha Navsacha among many others.

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