We have loved Nagraj Manjule’s feature films like Fandry and Sairat. In fact, Sairat broke all sorts of records and was successfully remade in Hindi as well. But did you know that Manjule has also made two short films? Here’s a little bit about the films and why you absolutely must not miss them.


An 18-minute film, Pistulya is about a little boy called Pistulya who wants to go to school but is forced into a life of delinquency due to lack of options or a caring parent. The appeal of the film lies in the uneasy narrative of a socially and economically challenged family and their dynamics with the society.

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Pavsacha Nibandh

At some point, all of us wrote an essay about the rains, the beauty, the need, and general praise. Manjule cleverly tells a story of a young boy who only wants to work on his homework – the essay about rain – but is not able to because life is just not that simple for him.

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We have loved both these short films and here’s why you will too.

Unseen tales of have-nothings

The lead characters in his short films are those well below the poverty line. We get the perverse taste of our privilege after watching the unthunk struggles of those who don’t have anything.

A simple, stunning story with a narrative to match

The stories are neither dramatic nor romantic. They’re stark and yet evoke compassion within us. They seem to be like excerpts from reality, like a window into someone’s life.

A low-key heartbreaking end

It’s difficult to take a simple story and create that much impact with it. The endings to both these films are low-key morose. The graph of the whole film just goes upwards.

Families and their strange equations

Both stories revolve around little, impressionable boys who want a good education but cannot seem to get it right due to their circumstances. Both films show different kinds of parents and family equations.

Make sure you watch both these films if you are in the mood for some quality cinema. Take a bow, Nagraj Manjule.

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