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Ringan Is All Set To Bring Tears To Your Eyes

If you are aware of the world around you then you may know that farmer suicide is a hot topic of discussion of late. Besides the usual Bollywood glam sham, the media of late has extensively covered the issue. A much-needed platform for our farmers to voice their opinions; amidst all of this comes Ringan, a National Award movie that plucks similar strings.

Ringan, a Marathi feature film is a story about a debt-ridden farmer and his young son, who embark upon a journey to visit Pandharpur, home to Vithal, one of many deities in Maharashtra. The father is suicidal, like numerous farmers who have lost their lives to drought, exploitative landlords, and a pile of loans. The son is on a quest to find his mother. Throughout their journey, the duo tussle with the daily struggles of a low-income family appended with emotional baggage.Ringan - BookMyShow

Ringan is the brainchild of debutant director Makarand Mane, who was born and brought up in Pandharpur, a place that often saw distraught farmers. Ringan was entirely shot in the city of Pandharpur, a city that sees an influx of devotees across Maharashtra. It became increasingly difficult for the director to shoot given the large crowd and hence had to adopt a rather sneaky way. A film unit pretended to shoot a scene that attracted the crowd while a different team shot the actual footage. 

The film was screened at Cannes Short Film Corner and went on to win a National Award for the best Marathi Film. If you are still aren't excited then you should watch this trailer which is sure to up the ante.