These past decade has been golden for Marathi cinema. The longest-running musical play of all times, Katyar Kaljat Ghusli, was made into a film. Nana Patekar absolutely slayed it in Natsamrat and Sairat broke all kinds of records.
However, a few praise-worthy performances did not get the attention they should’ve gotten. We cannot let it go and must applaud these brilliant performances. Here are a few underrated Marathi performances of the decade that went by.

Vaibhav Mangle in Timepass

Vaibhav Mangle has never let us down, be it theatre, TV or cinema. Here he plays the father of a teenage girl who is wary of a certain “mawali” guy who likes her. Mangle’s comic timing is unparalleled and natural.

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Geetanjali Kulkarni in Court

Geetanjali Kulkarni plays a middle-class public prosecutor and is a cog in the Indian judicial system. She has played this role with such finesse that there isn’t a frame in the movie where you are not convinced that she doesn’t really earn her living by being a lawyer. Straight-up super!

Sharad Ponkshe in Sandook

Sharad Ponkshe has been an ace actor, be it in the controversial Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy or the emotional Tya Tighanchi Goshta. And he is nothing short of effing brilliant in Sandook as Shyamrao. We Maharashtrians love our Sharad Ponkshe. One can see why – the guy is a star!
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Parth Bhalerao in Killa

All of 15, Parth began his career with a bang. After working with Bachchan Sr. in Bhootnath, he played Bandya in the coming-of-age movie, Killa. He emotes so earnestly, his performance touches you through the screen. Bravo, little guy!
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Sachin Khedekar in Rajwade and Sons

Sachin Khedekar has been shining silently for a long time now, and you cannot forget him. Adding to his envious body of work is his performance in Rajwade and Sons. Khedekar plays the eldest son of the affluent Rajwade family. His struggle with himself and his already-sealed destiny is, as they say, very real. Such a splendid performance!
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Bhau Kadam in Wedding Cha Shinema

Have you seen Bhau Kadam on the screen? The man’s child-like innocence and demeanour make him as endearing as he is funny. He has gotten his simpleton image down pat and he unleashes it on us in Wedding Cha Shinema as a simple man who is head-over-heels in love with his wife.
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 Sagar Deshmukh in Bhaai – Vyakti Ki Valli

Having worked in a few good projects before this, Sagar Deshmukh is marvellous as PuLa Deshpande. The film may not have gotten the success it deserves but that doesn’t take away anything from Deshmukh. His heartening portrayal of the simple literary genius PuLa deserves a standing ovation.
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