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Martin Freeman – The Defining Moments In His Life

What do you get if you multiply 11 by 4? Martin Freeman’s age today! That’s right. The 8th of September is a very special day for Martin as the English actor and comedian celebrates his birthday. It seems he hasn't aged a bit who still looks like a 30-year-old despite turning 44 today. Martin is undoubtedly best known for his role as Tim in the UK version of The Office as well as for his recent reprisal of the role of Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s epic adventure The Hobbit. Martinis a powerhouse of talent and is surely the British go-to guy for leading grumpy old characters. He is the prime example of sheer dedication, passion and how an actor can quickly rise to stardom from being virtually unknown.

Something of an enigma, Martin is well known for choosing his roles carefully and with excellent timing. It's these well-thought decisions that have made him the man that he is today. We head back to the past and take a tour of some defining moments in Martin's life. Get ready!

He joined the theatre
Having born in a religious Roman Catholic family, Martin wasn’t really inclined towards acting. The death of his father whenMartin was at the tender age of 10 made matters worse. It wasn’t until he was 15 that he decided to give theatre a chance. As he grew in the profession, his confidence as an actor got nurtured along the way. Two years later Martin decided to solely focus on acting as a career. What a great decision!


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He got married
He secretly got married to his long-term girlfriend, Amanda Abbington. They first met on the sets of Channel 4’s Men Only. The two started flirting and soon they moved in together. Social media went into a frenzy when Amanda conceived Joe, their first born son with reports of the couple tying a knot. Wife or otherwise, she has been instrumental in shapingMartin’s career. She played a vital role in motivating him to take up the role of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit when Freeman wanted to opt out. Thank you, Amanda.


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The Office
It started all those years ago when he was working at a paper company in the TV’s The Office, writing off pretty much everyone else off the screen using just his facial expressions. Very few people can raise their eyebrows with as much meaning. Tim, an underachieving and self-deprecating salesman who is unable to ask out the girl he is madly in love with, was the reason the audience could connect with him. Freeman played it to perfection and was loved by all.


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He donned the role of Dr. Watson
It was going to take something truly special to steal the limelight from Jude Law (Dr. Watson in the movies), but the fact that Freeman walked off with the 2010 BAFTA tells you a lot about his re-imagination of the quintessential sidekick.  He has his lovely wife, Amanda, who plays the role of Mary Morstan, his on-screen wife. Maybe, that helped? Who knows!


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He bagged Bilbo Baggins
Director Peter Jackson had a tough time convincing Martin to join the cast of The Hobbit, with the director going as far as rescheduling dates to accommodate the actor’s schedule. Martin was already committed to Sherlock and wanted to pass on the opportunity to play Baggins but the persistent director Peter Jackson and his ever motivating wife convinced him otherwise. Can you imagine anyone else playing Bilbo? Hell no!


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By the old gods and the new *high five to those who get the reference*, we sincerely thank Freeman for making the right choices and dazzling us with his performances. Martin, we wish you a happy birthday!