When it comes to pop music, one of the first names that come to mind is Madonna. After all, she is known as the Queen of pop. Songs such as Like a Virgin, Ray of Light, Erotica, Frozen and many more are still played in a lot of pubs. Madonna is a prime example of how a musician's song can last forever. Also known as Material Girl, Madonna has been an inspiration not just to musicians but also to people all across the World. A multi-Grammy award winner, this woman has seen it all. Her music is something that you just can't get enough off. Melodies that strike your heart, lyrics that will move you and what not, makes this artist one of the most exemplary people to walk this planet.

The one great part about Madonna is the fact that her music moves with the times. Though the genre essentially remains the same, the style of her music has always changed and kept up to the modern sounds. There is a world of difference between La Isla Bonita and Beautiful Stranger (the song she sang for the Austin Powers OST). She is also ranked number two (after The Beatles) in the list of top 100 hot Billboard artists. She is also included in the Rock n' Roll "Hall of Fame". She was also married to two of the most prolific names in the film industry – Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. Not only is she a brilliant musician but she is also a superb actress. She has acted in movie such as Body of Evidence, Dick Tracy, A League of their Own and more. She is by far one of the most talented women to have hit the World of stardom and is admired all across the planet. She is 54 years old and she still commands audiences every time she performs live.