Meet Chef Adam Jones from Burnt

The sounds of whisking eggs and chopping knives; do they instantly fill you head and heart with images of gourmet food? A ‘foodie’, aren’t you? So, how does a film on the culinary world sound to you? Exciting? Thought so. After all, sight is a strong, emotion-evoking sense. Add to all the lovely food, a handsome and rugged chef and there you have every foodie girls’ dream come true! Burnt promises to treat us to some such eye candy. Chef Adam Jones played by Bradley Cooper is not only a sight to behold but also really good at what he does. Let’s get to know this bad boy of the Parisian bistro scene.  

Bad, Bad Boy
Not only does Chef Jones make a mean brunch, he also rides the bike with similar mean strides. 

He had a dream at sixteen and he left home for Paris to fulfill that dream. He achieved a two-star Michelin chef status soon. 

Fallen Hero
His success was quick but his fall was quicker. With issues aplenty, can he truly redeem himself? 

The Chef’s Team 
London’s top sous-chef Helene Sweeney (Sienna Miller) and Chef Michel Diome (Omar Sy) join Chef Jones. Will they succeed in getting him three Michelin stars?
The Chef’s Psychiatrist
The famous psychiatrist Dr. Hilda Rosshilde (Emma Thompson) is trying her best. But will she be able to help Chef Jones press his issues out? 
The Food Critic 
Simone Forth (Uma Thurman) is the all powerful critic. Will the chef and his team impress her? 
This one looks like the kind to relish. Who’s up for Burnt