In 2014, spy movies went through a transformation. Until then, James Bond movies and the Mission Impossible series were as good as it could get with the genre. Then came Kingsman: The Secret Service, and it all changed. It can be called the Deadpool of spy movies. Not only did it have usual spy movie requirements like gadgets and a great villain (played by Samuel L. Jackson), but it was also high on humor (meta and otherwise) and gore (reiterating Deadpool of spy movies). The movie was based on comics of the same name and its success lead to the planning of a sequel titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle with a lot of new characters and some old ones. This film will feature the Statesman, the US counterpart of the former. And it is time that we meet them all.

The Kingsman

Taron Egerton as Agent Galahad
In the last movie, you saw Gary's journey to becoming a gentleman spy and in this movie, you get to see him as Galahad (second-in-command). He is suited and has a license to kill.

Mark Strong as Merlin
Merlin can give Q (from the James Bond series) a run for his money with his array of gadgets and from what we have seen, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty as well.

Colin Firth as Harry Hart
We thought he died, but he just lost his eye. It would be fun to see Colin Firth reprising his character. He also makes the eye-patch look very British.

Sophie Cookson as Agent Lancelot
No round table is complete without Lancelot and this one would be lacking without her. We didn't get to see too much of her in the first movie. Maybe it's time we saw more of her.

The Statesman

Halle Berry as Ginger Ale
She provides tech support for the Statesman. She carries off the nerdy look really well and we can't wait to see what tricks she might have up her sleeve.

Channing Tatum as Agent Tequila
Don't be fooled by the name, he looks like a badass from what we can see and is adding the perfect American touch we need.

Pedro Pascal as Agent Whiskey
He brings the return of the
good  ol' Cowboy days with his look in the movie and we cannot wait to see him in action.

Jeff Bridges as Agent Champagne
He's the boss of the Statesman and has the name to match it. It will be fun to see him battling wits with the British counterpart.

The Villain

Julianne Moore as Poppy
Julianne Moore's character name and appearance might seem quite harmless but we know looks can be deceptive and can't wait to see the chaos she is going to bring.

Doesn't this make the wait for the movie seem longer? Tell us what you thought of the characters in the comments below and don't forget to share.