Thor is going to be back in the theatres for the third time and if the reviews have to be believed, this is the best Thor movie yet. While our old favorites Thor, Loki (yes, he is a favorite), Heimdall and Hulk are coming back in the movie, there are many new characters as well. Thor's original companions like Lady Sif and Jane Foster are going to be absent but we are glad to see some new faces. If you are not well-versed with the comics, it is time we tell you that these characters are a little different from their comic counterparts but just as interesting and it is time you meet them before you watch the movie.


Hela is inspired from a Norse goddess and in one of the incantations in the comics, Hela is the daughter of Loki. Hence you can see how they both favor the black and green look in the movie. Hela's powers in the movie are different from her comic counterpart. Her unlimited weaponry and her dialogue, " Who are you the God of again?" come from Gorr the God Butcher.


The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster is one of the oldies (about a million years old) like the Collector. Keeping things simple while the Collector loves collecting stuff, the Grandmaster loves organizing games. Jeff Goldblum is playing this role and while some might remark about that blue patch on his chin, it is, in fact, to pay tribute to the comic book character who was blue.




Valkyrie in the comics is a title given to Brunnhilde as she ascends in the ranks of female warriors on Asgard. In the movie, she has not yet been given any superpowers other than her superior fight movies and an amazing capacity to hold her liquor. The Valkyrie in the movie is really different from the ones in comics but at least they have the same costume.



He is hands down one of the most comical characters. And he is played by none other than the director Taika Waititi himself. Taika Waititi had a lot of fun shooting the Korg scenes and to nobody's surprise, there were a lot of improvised scenes involved as well. Korg was seen in Thor: The Dark World as well but he wasn't the friendly revolution-loving person he is now.



Skurge played by the unrecognizable Karl Urban (of Star Trek fame) was the Executioner in the comics. He was known to side with the most badass lady baddie in town be it the Enchantress or Hela. There is no doubt where his loyalties will lie in the upcoming movie. Skurge was also the gatekeeper of Bifrost for a while and he loved his job very much.




While Hela is the Goddess of death, Surtur is the demon. Surtur's only aim is to destroy Asgard, which is very evident in the movie and the character's introduction in the comics had him trying to do just that. Surtur's power lies in his helmet and he can do serious harm once he comes in contact with the eternal fire which is burning in Asgard.



We are sure now that you know all these characters, you can enjoy the film better. Book your tickets for the movie here and you can read our review of Thor: Ragnarok here.