Tim Burton is gearing up to introduce us to yet another movie which looks like a masterpiece just like his previous work. The director is known for hollywood classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the 1989 Batman movie. Based on the novel of the same name written by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is right up Tim’s alley as we see the child-like magic along with dark creepy monsters. 
The story about Jacob Portman who due to some unfortunate series of accidents finds his way to Miss Peregine’s home and sees for himself the titular children. Unfortunately, these children are hunted by Mr. Barron who wants their eyes. These children use their 'peculiarities' to save the day.
The peculiarity in discussion is more like what we have learnt to associate with 'mutants' (Thank you, X-Men!) today. Let us tell you more about these children before you meet them in the theaters. For those who have read the books, this should be a good opportunity to refresh memories.
Emma Bloom

Peculiar Children - BookMyShowEmma Bloom’s peculiarity is her ability to control air and her ability to create liquid bubbles. She also has to be tethered down or else she can even levitate.

Olive Abroholos Elephanta
13458690_920111641430704_5733790839195399754_o-minOlive can create fire with her mind. You don’t definitely want to get on the bad side of this teenager.

Milliard Nullings
Peculiar Children - BookMyShowIt is very difficult to see this Milliard for one simple reason – he is invisible. He does like a mean game of football and you will never see him coming.

Bronwyn Buntley
Peculiar Children - BookMyShowBronwyn is the one you call when you want some heavy-lifting done. She is extremely strong. Don’t go by her size because she can lift the heaviest of things.

Fiona Frauenfeld
Fiona’s peculiarity is similar to Poison Ivy’s. She can control plants and also has a great fondness for them. She has green fingers, this one.

Enoch O'Connor
Peculiar Children - BookMyShowEnoch has the power to re-awaken the dead but it is not lasting. And it is just as well lest we face the zombie apocalypse already.

Hugh Apiston
Peculiar Children - BookMyShowHugh has a huge stomach problem. His peculiarity is very peculiar. His stomach hosts a beehive. Well, that can be very difficult, right?

Claire Densmore
Peculiar Children - BookMyShowClaire is a sweet-looking girl who has a strange peculiarity of having a mouth on the back of her head under her hair. This makes her a little shy at dinner times. Understandable!

Horace Somusson
Horace dreams about the future and that can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

The Masked Twins
Peculiar Children - BookMyShowThe Masked Twins are gorgons who have telepathic abilities to communicate with each other. But when the mask comes off, a monster is unleashed.
These children stay at the home of Miss Peregine who has the power to turn into a Peregine Falcon.
How was it meeting the peculiar children? Does this make you look forward to the movie? Tell us about your favorite characters from these in the comments below and don’t forget to share.