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Meet the Sorcerers

Doctor Strange has finally released in the theatres and we get to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a whole new avatar. But that is not the only new thing about Doctor Strange. We are introduced to this bunch of sorcerers who share the same universe as the Guardians and the Avengers, as they defend the Earth on a mystical level. Since this is a whole new world we are experiencing, the rules change here too and nothing seems impossible. The movie goes into details about Doctor Strange's transition from a neurosurgeon to a sorcerer and there are a lot of other sorcerers who help him and others who oppose him. Wouldn't you like to meet all these other sorcerers who have a lot to contribute when it came to accepting Doctor Strange as one of their own? Well, here they are:

Ancient One
Sorcerers - BookMyShowIn the comic books, he is an Asian sorcerer while in the movies she is of Celtic descent. Marvel received a lot of flak for changing the origins of the Ancient one but we are so glad they did. The Ancient One was one granted immortality but he was later stripped off it and in spite of that he ages far slowly than humans and that is something we see in the movie too. She is the one who takes up the task of training the Doctor and also comes to his rescue a couple of times.

Sorcerers - BookMyShowThe serious-faced librarian is fond of Beyonce and his known for some mean kickass moves as well as his knowledge, which is unparalleled. In the comics, he made his entry after Strange was Sorcerer Supreme instead of being one of his trainers.

Karl Mordo
Sorcerers - BookMyShowKarl Mordo is the one who recruits Strange to be a part of the organization. He takes the rules very seriously and Strange's lack of respect for them and feels that his penchant for breaking them can lead to some dire consequences.

Sorcerers - BookMyShowKaecilius is the leader of the bad guys who want to destroy the Sanctums, which protect the Earth from mystical threats in return of immortality. We hope he doesn't succeed.

Now you know the sorcerers a little better it is time to see them in action. Tell us your experience with the movie in the comments below and don't forget to share.