From memes to movies

It’s not unusual to come across memes inspired by movies and movie stars. After all, that’s how we’ve gotten memes like "Get in loser, we’re going shopping!", Sad Vader and Angelina Jolie‘s Leg! However, the tables have now turned. With the announcement of a Grumpy Cat movie, it seems as if movies inspired by memes might just hit the silver screen soon. As excited as we are to see the Grumpy Cat movie, here are some other meme-inspired movies we’d love to see:

Liberal College Girl

The College Liberal meme started off as a way to mock pseudo-intellectual college students. If the Liberal College Girl was to get her own movie, we’d love for it to be about how she adapts to the real world. Where her biggest concern was marijuana being illegal, she slowly learns that there are bigger problems in the world. Maybe something as simple as an Eat, Pray, Love-esque trip could open her eyes. If done right, watching Liberal College Girl broaden her horizons on a cross-country trip could certainly make an interesting film.

Bed Intruder

The Bed Intruder meme started off when a news channel in Alabama reported a case of rape. What’s funny about it? Nothing… Until you watch the news report, that is. Kevin Antoine Dodson’s statement quickly went viral, even leading to musical covers! It would be amazing to see the Bed Intruder meme hit the big screen as a dark, gritty film, along the lines of Zodiac or Se7en. Just imagining the Bed Intruder Song playing in the background is giving us the chills!

Bae Caught Me Slipping

Bae Caught Me Slipping
started off when people started taking selfies that made it seem like a significant other had "caught them sleeping". Needless to say, this led to a series of jokes at their expense. If Bae Caught Me Slipping was a film, we imagine it would be a teen-drama where a girl fabricates elaborate tales about her "boyfriend". Things get complicated when she finds herself tangled in her web of lies and faces humiliation. Will our protagonist come clean or is she in too deep already?

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat is arguably one of the most famous memes of all time. What started off as a .GIF animation quickly expanded to games, progress bars and even orchestra covers! Sadly, though, the onslaught of memes has led to a decrease in Nyan Cat‘s popularity. We would love to see Nyan Cat make its comeback through a film. It’d be especially interesting to watch him compete with new darlings like Grumpy Cat and Li’l Bub. If the (hypothetical) filmmakers are feeling daring, they could even take inspiration from The Muppets and make a comeback, about the comeback!

Business Cat

If Business Cat starred in a movie, we’d love for it to be Ratatouille for the corporate (and feline) world. As the name suggests, Business Cat has always had a knack for business. For obvious reasons, he finds it difficult to be taken seriously in the corporate world. This is when he joins forces with a clueless, yet well-intentioned heir to a business. Together, they take the company to new heights, only to get into a conflict later. Will the duo patch up? Or will Business Cat and Mr. X go their separate ways?

Courage Wolf

Unlike the Advice Dog (who isn’t known for giving the best advice), the Courage Wolf tries to give good advice. However, he takes it to a whole new level by advocating extreme courage. If Courage Wolf starred in a movie, he could lead his species in an Underworld-like war. With his "glory is forever" attitude, we have no doubt that he would lead them to victory. But this attitude could also lead to clashes between him and the troop. Will they lash out and shun him? Or will they stand behind Courage Wolf?

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