The man who gave us the split fingered salute, the man who became the logical half human Spock, the man who taught us to live long and prosper, has left us for the stars. At age 83, Leonard Nimoy passed away, on the 27th of February.

Known for a prolific and illustrious career in showbiz, with credits as an actor, director and guest star, Nimoy’s meteoric career was nothing short of legendary. However, what made him an indelible part of popular culture and history itself, was his character Spock. Pointy ears, no discernible expression, and his inimitable manner, he endeared himself to Trekkies around the world, and maybe some folks in space too.

Was Spock his favorite character? Of course he was. "I am not Spock," Nimoy wrote. "But given the choice, if I had to be someone else, I would be Spock. I would choose Spock. I like him. I admire him. I respect him."

Leonard Nimoy left us all a message, before he left for the skies. His tweet, a few days before he passed away, tells us to cherish each moment, for they cannot be preserved. As always, he also told us to live long and prosper.  

 The First Officer of the USS Enterprise has passed over and his post is empty. He lived long and prospered, indeed he did. Farewell, Leonard Nimoy. 

Written by Karan Raikar

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