Imagine your Dad calling you for a serious discussion in his study. You think you're in for a hard time yet again but then he decides to reveal how he and his forefathers have been gifted with the ability to time travel. Awwwyeah! Well, this happened in the Hollywood movie About Time. But honestly, we all have been waiting for a such a moment in our lives. No? Wouldn't you want to be gifted a super cool gadget on your 21st birthday, which would give you a superpower? Or probably a Doraemon, who would give you his amazing gadgets each time you fell in trouble. The movie people in Bollywood have often been lucky that way. They inherited/found/stole gadgets invented by their kins/relatives, which gave them awesome powers. Let's have a look at some of these lucky inheritors:

Mr. India
In Mr. India, the now legendary Arun Bhaiya (Anil Kapoor) inherited a device made by his father, which when worn made a man invisible. Bhaiya had no clue of this super gadget until Prof. Sinha (Ashok Kumar) told him about its existence. The gadget proved to be super useful for Once Arun Bhaiya now Mr. India to ward off supreme evil called Mogambo and his minions. We would definitely want the power of invisibility so we could bully the people we hate, scare the hell out of everyone and of course, do the occasional good deed too.   
Aa Dekhen Zara
In this movie, Ray (Neil Nitin Mukesh) inherits a special camera from dear grandpa; special because it takes pictures that predict the future. He uses the camera to win lottery numbers and manipulate stock prices, which is always a good thing to do. His life takes a turn for the better. He also meets the love of his life (and we still insist it is a turn for the better, yes). We for one would love to have a special camera to foresee the future. Such lottery wins. Much wow. 
Hrithik Roshan plays Rohit in this unofficial and unwarranted celebration of Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Rohit is mentally disabled and is hence forgiven for being a child in his head. Although that doesn't forgive his annoying way of talking or even more annoying friends. When not being annoying, Rohit accidentally finds his dad's computer that the latter probably used to watch E.T. and sometimes interact with extra-terrestrial life. What follows is Rohit discovering a musician in himself as he fiddles with the computer's keyboard and ends up contacting an alien who is left behind on earth by mistake. The alien or 'Jadoo' as it is soon christened decides to befriend Rohit and his gang and even gets rid of his mental illness, helps him behave like a pogo stick on a basketball court and discover he has Hrithik Roshan's biceps after all. We demand such computers, such aliens and such powers. We can do without the annoying children, though. 
Bunty (Aditya Roy Kapur) decides to fiddle with his girlfriend's grandfathers' Time machine because it is absolutely cool to mess with antiques when no one's watching. Bunty compensates for his mischief by putting the time machine to some good use. He decides to go back in time and save his parent's loveless marriage and make his mother fall in love with his dad. Now, he could have done other things but parents come first. This movie could have been made by the makers of Baghban. We don't know. What we do know is we could have put Bunty's girlfriend's grandfather's time machine to more fun use. 
Still, want to inherit money? Find out if any of your relatives are geeks and nerds by night. Who knows what awesomeness they decide to leave for you?