He was the adorable child star, and he was a leather-clad hottie who stole his heart. When one looks the other way, the other stealthily steals a glance, not believing how lucky he got. And even though the two met as strangers, they soon set out on a journey of togetherness that warmed hearts and moistened eyes.

As Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka finally tied the knot, a million ‘Awwws’ resounded all over the globe. Their secret wedding in Italy was not-so-secret as the Internet literally exploded with congratulatory messages and memes. Often touted as role models for gay couples everywhere, this handsome couple has already spent ten years together, and the marriage only cements their formidable relationship. And of course, when Sir Elton John performs at your wedding reception, it’s got to be legen… wait for it… dary!

But back in the day, when Neil first met David, it was through a common friend, and the latter was dating someone else. Though Harris was smitten by the handsome Burtka from that very moment, he waited patiently on the sidelines. And as they say, good things come to those who wait. David broke up with his then-boyfriend and a week later, he was out on a date with Harris. After that, there was no turning back.

Talking about the brilliant chemistry that he shares with his better-half, Harris says, "We share a wardrobe. We have the same shoe size, body size, height, and weight. We’re both Gemini. We both like the idea of family – not a nuclear family, but a social family". He also remembers that after dating each other for a while, he confronted David and said, "I think I love you", to which David replied, "I think that’s nice". But when it came to popping the question, David was the first one to go down on one knee and propose to Harris. He said, "Yes," and returned the favor a year later.

When the couple decided to move in together, they found a place in Harlem, traveled cross-country in a moving truck, loading up on stuff for their new home, before finally settling down. It was then that they decided to have kids, and were blessed with the twins, Gideon and Harper. And boy, do they love to cosplay!

NPH even confessed that their surprise Italian wedding was meant for their twin kids, more than anyone else. During his interview with the ladies on View, he said, “I think when our kids got to the age when they were having reasonable conversations where they’re asking lots of ‘why’ questions, then it seemed important to be able to have a real clear-cut answer to who their daddy is — that he’s my husband, it was easier than partner or boyfriend”. David Burtka, on the other hand, confessed to a leading publication that their relationship is not perfect. Like every other couple, they too quarrel and have differences. But with their two kids, they are now a complete family, and that’s what defines them.

For their wedding, they rented a castle in Italy and How I Met Your Mother director Pam Fryman officiated the vows. We wish the couple a happy married life together, and hope that they inspire several other homosexual couples the world over to tie the knot.

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