This summer, Mighty Raju and his little friends are all set to have a wonderful time in the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

In Mighty Raju: Rio Calling, the superhero kid’s wits and powers are put to test in the sunny seaside city in South America. From vile soccer rivals to gun-toting Mafia dons to deadly Capoeira fighters who’re all set to bring Mighty Raju’s might down. Mighty Raju gears up for a pulse-racing face-off with all the sinister criminals and in turn become the redeemer of Rio.

From tackling nasty rookies to risking his life to fight for what is right, adventures always beckon the fearless hero – Mighty Raju. Before you tighten your seatbelts and get set for Soccer, Samba and Samosas in Rio, read on about Mighty Raju’s 3 best adventures:  

Mighty Raju vs The Great Pirates

This adventure showcases the brave superhero kid pitted against three lethal ninjas. They rob The Reserve Bank of Aryanagar housing precious stones and the secret Indian missile control documents. Though Mighty Raju and his loyal super-pup, Mobi, manage to recover the stolen diamonds and documents but the ninjas escape. Armed with the missile control information, they unite with evil admiral, Dark Wind and Karaati, Mighty Raju’s old enemy. Together, they hijack a Naval ship to launch the missiles and destroy major cities in India. Mighty Raju Vs The Great Pirates is the superkid’s tale of saving the entire nation from grave danger.  

Mighty Raju vs Mighty Clone

The adorable 4 year-old Raju dons his secret identity to save the city and his loved ones in this adventure. In this movie, two evil scientists steal the compound, Neutrino, that gives Raju his superpowers. Misusing the potion, they kidnap the kids, hypnotize them and empower them with superpowers. Brainwashed and disguised as Mighty Raju, the Mighty Clone goes on an attacking spree destroying the city of Aryanagar. In the adventure, Mighty Raju vs Mighty Clone, the real Mighty Raju has to discover the real villains causing chaos and mayhem to bring an end to their plans and prove himself innocent.

Mighty Raju in Aryanagar Underwater

This movie is about lovable Mighty Raju who is always game for fun and adventure. The little boy proves his courage and bravery in yet another risk-taking incident in Mighty Raju in Aryanagar Underwater. His hometown, Aryanagar is under grave danger. It is sinking under high waters and will soon become a memory forever. Raju has to act fast, find the culprits behind this crime, save his city and bring the offenders to justice. Watch this series to find out if little Raju is able to redeem his city of this perilous situation.

Mighty Raju: Rio Calling will come alive on the big screens in theaters on May 16, 2014.

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