Since time immemorial, the idea of a superhero is synonymous with flying capes to spewed webs to an array of colorful superhero suits. India has joined the league with its share of desi heroes like Krrish, RA.One and many others. Taking the Indian superheroes to a new level, are the kid superheroes like Chhota Bheem and Mighty Raju
From tackling the evil with their parkour-like skills to flaunting a stylish look, our desi heroes are all set to save the planet, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their international counterparts. 

In India, every teenager dreams to have a Guarding Angel like Krrish. Chhota Bheem is the role model for every toddler. But who is this new hero – Mighty Raju? Do you want to know how a little boy became the superkid? Read on:
Raju, a 4 year-old boy from Aryanagar is just like any other kid. Playful, intelligent and adorable. But in times of crisis, he dons a new identity, that of a superhero kid – Mighty Raju. With strong ethical codes and superhuman powers, Mighty Raju is always ready to risk his life and tackle any danger. Just like any other superhero, he continues to do good without an expectation of a reward. Raju, though born like a natural child, possessed his superpowers from birth. Raju‘s scientist father, Swami created a compound known as Neutrino. Raju‘s mother, Sandhya mistook the compound for a beverage and drank it accidentally while she was pregnant with baby Raju. Due to this incident, Raju was born with super-human powers, which he utilizes to fight every sort of evil he comes across. And the most-interesting fact is that the 4 year-old boy’s parents are unaware that their Raju is none other than Mighty Raju.
The Mighty Raju cartoon series is a spin-off of the popular comic series of Chhota Bheem. Like any other superhero, Mighty Raju is awesome and enthralls kids with his cute looks backed with an imperium talent. Toddlers look up to him as the role models of their lives. The magic of his awesomeness is widespread that even parents are charmed by his words and deeds. A cute kid who fights for what’s right against the evil forces makes most parents to encourage their child to watch Mighty Raju in action. The value of virtues and the lesson of life taught by him even motivates parents to watch Mighty Raju along with their little ones. It is believed that children are fascinated by their favorite superhero and always desire to grow to be like one of them. And Mighty Raju adds to that noble thought process. 
If you haven’t seen Mighty Raju in action, don’t be disheartened. The little superhero is coming your way this summer with Mighty Raju: Rio Calling. So get prepared with your little one to set out on an adventure with Mighty Raju.

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