A drug dealer father, a stripper mother, a virgin son and a runaway daughter.  Can a family get better? This is the Millers family.

The director of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story has brought forward an unsophisticated yet goofy and funny road trip comedy movie – We’re The Millers. Though the movie has a few problems, it still manages to deliver the key ingredient for a comedy movie: funny and goofy. Though it won’t make the audience roll on the floor laughing but it surely delivers a couple of good laughs and mainly gentle chuckles. The movie is neither complicated nor over the top. Just a right amount of funny elements.

We’re The Millers narrates the story of a small-time drug dealer, David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) who needs to settle his debt of $43,000 to his drug supplier Brad (Ed Helms). Brad forces David to smuggle an enormous stash of pot across the Mexican border into US. In order to execute his plan, David hires three misfits to pose as his clean family. His fake family features a stripper who also lives in his same apartment block, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a runaway teen girl Casey (Emma Roberts) and a nerdy yet cute guy, also from his apartment block, Kenny (Will Poulter). But things go off the plan and a series of events makes the course of the movie. Ultimately, it ends on a happy note.

As mentioned earlier, the main problem with We’re The Millers is that the movie is stuffed with lot of elements from individual issues faced by each character to a messy drug lord to a fellow campervan family. But then all the stuffing has been infused with enough laughs to keep you entertained. The movie keeps you hooked and interested (not only with the popular striptease scene by Jennifer Aniston). The actors have justified the characters. Jason Sudeikis has done a remarkable job in the lead role. Will Poulter, with his mix of gleeful yet nerdy innocence is brilliant. We’re The Millers is not a particularly sophisticated movie. But it still manages to keep the audience entertained and offers some good guffaws through crude, adult humor.

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